Close Quarters Combat Weapon System (D20 Modern Equipment)

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Close Quarters Combat Weapon System

A Combat Knife

PL 7 UNSC, Misriah Armory
20 centimetres (7.9 in) blade
The use of combat knives in the UNSC shows that such an easily accessible, and created weapon and tool still runs strong even hundreds of years later.
Close Combat Weapon
(Martial Weapon Proficiency)

Damage 1d8 Magazine
Critical 19-20/x2 Size Medium
Damage Type Slashing, Piercing Weight 5 lb.
Range Increment Purchase DC 10
Rate of Fire Restriction Mil (+3)

Combat Knife[edit]

The UNSC's multi-purpose combat knife has a 20 centimetres (7.9 in) blade made of high carbon steel, an anti-flash

non-reflective titanium carbide coat[edit]

ing, edge coated for corrosion resistance and is 43.3 centimetres the size (1 ft 5.0 in) when sheathed. All UNSC troops are issued a combat knife for field and utility uses, as well as a backup weapon for desperate close combat situations. It is also balanced for throwing.

See this page for background information.

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