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Cloning [Power]

The character can make clones in her own image.
Prerequisite: Con 13+, Power (illusion or body control) 6 ranks, Evolved
Benefit: The character can create clones of herself using either the Illusion or Body Control Power Skills. The effect is determined by the skill used to qualify for this feat.

Illusion: With a DC 10 Power (illusion) check the character creates a clone of herself that is an illusion, the clone has a Defense of 10 and is destroyed if hit in combat. The clone can not take any action other than movement and the clone has not physical form and thus does not occupy a space. The character can have any number of clones. Dismissing a clone is a free action that can be made at any time.

Body Control: With a DC 20 Power (body control) check the character creates a clone of himself that is an exact copy of the character, the clone has all the same ability scores, Defense bonuses, attack bonuses, skill ranks, and all other abilities as the original. The only difference is that the clone has only a number of hit points equal to the characters ranks in the Power (body control) skill, during this time the character takes temperary hit point damage equal to this amount. This hit point damage can not be healed untill the clone is dismissed or destroyed, at that time the hit points heal naturally. The character can have any number of clones, each one dealing the hit point damage. Dismissing a clone is a move action that can be made at any time.

Example: William has 10 ranks in the Power (body control) skill and uses it to make a clone. His maximum hit points are normally 30. When he creates a clone his maximum hit points are reduced to 20 during the time that the clone is ‘alive’ and the clone has 10 hit points. When the clone dies or is dismissed Williams hit points remain at 20 but he heals as normal and his maximum is returned to his normal 30. If William had made two clones his max hit points would become 10 and each clone would have 10 hit points.

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