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Cloaking Screen

Example or Portable Cloaking
(Upon start of cloaking)
Size Diminutive
Range Increment Touch
Purchase DC 30
Restriction Mil (+3)
Weight 25lbs.

Cloaking Screen[edit]

The cloaking screen is a light-refraction technology that allows a mecha to become nearly-invisible. The control device must be physically touching an item, such as a mecha, in order to successfully cloak it. Any items inside the cloaked device, such as a mecha pilot, are effectively cloaked as well. In most standard issue Mechas, the device is dual-removable so the pilot can go on reconnaissance, cloaking both himself and the parked mecha.

The screen does not dampen noise, and any device leaving the outer-shell of a cloaked object - such as a bullet or beam, loses all cloaking. The Game Master sets a DC against being spotted that they may feel is appropriate, but some common effects on that DC can be seen in the below table.

Being Spotted
Event Effect on DC
Entering or Exiting Water -5
Firing a Weapon -10
Continuous Fire or
Firing without Moving
Removes any DC
Motionless +10

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