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Class Selection[edit]


A Human fighter wielding a spear


Humans are good as:





Elves are good as:




Dwarves are good as:




Martial Classes[edit]

These are physical fighter classes.

Pirate: A class which sails the seas of Sangra, raiding and looting.

Slaver:Although its not recomended you play as a slaver from the Forgotten Lands some adventures may require or advise it. A Slaver is pretty much a fighter with a few different characteristics.

A Slaver in full garb

Skillful Classes[edit]

These classes have capabilities for both combat and non-combat situations.

Arcane Classes[edit]

These classes are capable of using arcane magic in some form.

Divine Classes[edit]

These classes are capable of using divine magic in some form.

Psionic Classes[edit]

These classes are capable of using psionics in some form.

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