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Simiran has a population of almost 500,00 people, spread out through the cities, towns, villages, and hamlets on the island.

Cities of Simiran[edit]

Population of 50,000 or More[edit]


The capital of Simiran, this bustling city is the political and economic center of the continent. It holds more than 500,000 inhabitants, which is twice the total population of all the other towns combined. It is home to bards, merchants, aristocrats, and peasants.


The oldest city of Simiran, it has 100,000 inhabitants and is home to sorcerers, old counts, wizards, and commoners.

Population of 30,000 or More[edit]


5,000 or less[edit]


A trading town on the Molak River, it is the most Northern town in Simiran. It is the home of 2,000 traders, miners, loggers, and adventurers seeking action.


Villages and Hamlets[edit]

Molak Rural Communities[edit]

These isolated hamlets around Molak Lake hold only a few hundred people who seek to be with nature, away with society. They live off the algae of the lake and local plants and berries.

Kelping Outposts[edit]

Military Outposts[edit]


Calamanto Ruins[edit]


This large island city-state became a boom town near the beginning of the Golden Ages but its economy collapsed during a plague, leading to its abandonment. Now, parasitic creatures roam the island looking for prey in the few inhabitants that remain.

At its peak, Iklavia had thousands of miners and their families living in settlements around the area. Wooden shacks are all that reamain, along with outcasts and criminals, scum who have been forced to leave the mainland. The cities and towns are dirty and frozen unburied corpses litter streets and shuttered morgues. Adventures be warned of the men who inhabit this broken land.

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