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Rebirth is the Capital of Kored and contains little more than a palace and a fortress unless you count all the ruins. The City is razed and burned by their own to exterminate the tradors and diviants that lived there. Most of the city is burning, rotten or falling apart, the kingdom have little needs for such fitlhy things such as houses or work for the people. Rebirth was the largest and first new settlement on Teoryran, full with trade and prosperity untill the King and church got the first opportunity and slaughered them all becouse they where heretics and all the cities where full of sin and blasphemy. Since then trade has been outlawed and smaller cites have been forced return to become farm lands again and the old good ways have returned to the hearts of the people. There are losts of catacombs full with dead sinners and heretics, who where put here without a burial becouse they where sinners and heretics. Most of them where gamblers,fotball players, public dancers,money lenders,sodomites and other evil doers. Many buildings are constructed from corpses.

Power Centers: Monarch Captical, shattered warring lords.
Alignment: lawfull
GP Limit:
Assets: none.
Population: ca 2.000.
Racial Mix: humans 50%, vermin 45%, Skaven 5%)
Authorities: King Korad(the demented and unquestionable leader) or whoever is home for the time being.
Important Characters:
Guards: Knights and mobs


Gernash is a city that is free, it is full with trade but also full with plague. The deseases allow the city freedrom from the Kings law while its technicaly under the Kings law. Its full of priests and monks who try to spread deseases by becoming sick and then infecting and preaching to the heretics and sinners. Tradors isolate themselves and try to dodge the desease and continue their trade, with the result of many traders spreading deseases. Its also full of fanatics that try to destroy the sinful city and preach to the dwellers that the desease is the punishment of the gods and that those that believe are immune to the disease. Its also full of atheism and cannibals, and thieves and murderers.

Power Centers: A democracy of rich families pretending to obey the King.
Alignment: any
GP Limit:
Assets: money lending, crafts, fine weapons,luxery items.
Population: varies, ca 10.00 – 15.000 (humans only), (immigrations and deaths).
Racial Mix: humans 75%, monstrous vermin 5%, Skaven 25%)
Authorities: Rich Trade Families and powerless figure head nobles. no organized law exist.
Important Characters:
Guards: Religious Fanatics, Proffessional Soldiers working against the King,mob of volunteers

Templar Castles[edit]

Templar Castles are usually small towns included with the castle. They are outposts Templar Order use to contol the rest of the land and defend against military attacks and monsters. The Templars are very strict and tyrannical but more friendly and allowing to civilian activities and they usually give cityfolk some room to trade ,celebrate and earn their living, but not much and the punnishment is always death. Templars are more practical and allow new ways to gather rescourses and sustain their crusades against heretics and sinners. The population is often investigated, templars don't kill all who live in a area. The main purpose of these buildings is to sustain a war effort to destroy as many sinners and monsters as possible. Templars do not pay tax to the King and do not follow Kings law. They are nominally vassal state of the King who often fight against the King as often as for the King and swich sides often.

Templar Castle
Power Centers: The Templars
Alignment: lawfull
GP Limit:
Assets: none.
Population: ca 2.000.
Racial Mix: humans 99%. Others to be Purged 1%.
Authorities: High Templars
Important Characters:
Guards: Templars.

Little Reeds Scalerts[edit]

Little Reeds Scalerts, is probably the most pleasant city in Korad. Its not exactly a city but a huge self-sustaining manor with some aspects of a city. It's a mountain and a articial valley with huge fortress build on the mountain and completed with huge stone walls. It contain 640 households complete with extended families of serfs with house and guarden or with quarters in the castle. Its own by a Baron who is as powerfull as the King himself, and his family and friends of other Barons are as powerfull as the King or the Templars or the Churches. They are heretics but to powerfull to be brought into justice and they are excomunicated one day and forgiven the next. There are a genuine but small town with smithies and trade inside the core of the castle. The serfs are bound to oppressive forced labour but the oppression is lighter and less lethal than in other places. The Baron only care about his power but he often pays for an arrange religious celebrations after the sunday chuch and for celebrations of midsummer,winter solstice, easter or autumn. People are usually content and if they are not they are beaten into submission. Becouse the Baron is feared by all but generous he is called George,the Kind. He will even let people live if they just keep their mouths silent and mind their own buissiness.

City States[edit]

Little Reed's Scarlets
Power Centers: The Baron of Reeds Scarlet, George the Kind
Alignment: lawfull
GP Limit:
Assets: none, Static Natural Rescourses, Self-sustianing economy.
Population: ca 13.000.
Racial Mix: humans 100%,
Authorities: {{{auth}}}
Important Characters:
Guards: Templars.

The City States are free cities who form their own goverment but have united with other free city states and pirates and bandits to protect themselves against the Nobles and the Church and protect their trade and their fredrom. These cities are sadly full with criminals and guilds controls all labour. The cities are slighly democratic for the rich members of estemed families or masters of the guilds becouse they always get to be heard. Those that rule the city is a council of rich and powerfull families of merchants,inventors, patrons of art and science and of course bankers, beurocrats and carrier military men. The cities have garrisons of well trained common-born soldiers and fighters in large numbers and advanced weapons such as cross-bows and balistas and good ships. Most of these cities are democratic leaning when the economy goes well but there are powerfull groups who leans toward helping common-born dictators taking power. Many Baitiff are supported by regiments of organised soldiers far superior in organization and discipline to any army of knight.

City State
Power Centers: Union of free Cites, Plutocraty with democratic leanings.
Alignment: any.
GP Limit:
Assets: Fisheries, all craftworks,fine foods, money lending,prostitutes, drugs, fine weapons, luxery items, ship building soldiers for hire and inns.
Population: ca 15.000-16.000.
Racial Mix: humans 100%.
Authorities: A council of Guilds,Rich Families and Baitiff.
Important Characters:
Guards: Proffessional Soldiers and other free commoners.

Typical City[edit]

The church and King have taken most cities. The civilans are slaughered and the priests moves in. The cities are filled with nothing but churches.monasteries and cathedrals and schools for priests. Nothing is produces and the priest relly totally on import from farmlands with forced labours. The main occupation,is praying,fasting,singing and meditating. The city is also full with dungeons where all the heretics are buried or rather thrown away inside becouse the church do not grant burial to sinners. The cites below are typical and have more or less the same traits.

Sunmourn, Kalyn. Gorntrast.Kara
Power Centers: Monarch Captical, shattered warring lords.
Alignment: lawfull
GP Limit:
Assets: none.
Population: ca 5.000-.
Racial Mix: humans 95%, monstrous vermin 5%.
Authorities: Archbishop.demented religious leader.
Important Characters:
Guards: Knights and religious fanatics

Teoryran World (3.5e Campaign Setting)[edit]

This is part of the Teoryran World setting. The for humans, familiar and safe lands are annihilated from existence. This is a dark world in a dark ages, where mankind is a barbarian race in a new and horrifying world full with monsters.

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