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Chihuetotl’s Coil: Chihuetotl was a distinguished coatl in the service of the sky goddess. He acted as celestial messenger, guardian, and soldier in his goddess’ service. He had carried the word of the goddess to potential paladins, ferried martyrs into the sky in full witness of the faithful, and defended isolated temples against the hands of thieves and defilers. He particularly enjoyed leading squadrons of aasimar against demonic forces, and it was in one of these attacks that he was slain in a trap set by a balor. His soldiers carried his body back to heaven, and there they made a weapon to honor him.

Chihuetotl’s Coil is a +2 holy longsword. Its hilt is worked in the shape of a coiled and looped serpentine body, made of steel plated with gold, copper, bronze, mithral, and an unknown green metal. The guard is made of steel and shaped like a pair of feathered wings, decorated with colored metal and tiny gems to represent the colors of the rainbow. The blade is shining white steel, engraved with clouds and feathered wings, and glints different colors in sunlight but does not actually shed light.

The spirit of the couatl is bound into the blade, and he is content to serve his goddess in this new form. As a sentient weapon, he can communicate with speech (Common, Celestial, and Draconic) or telepathy, and has Int 17, Wis 19, Cha 17, Ego 21. He can read any languages he speaks, grants his wielder Improved Initiative, can detect chaos or detect evil at will, and can detect thoughts (100 ft. range, 1 minute duration) 3/day. Virtuous and true to the ideals of law and good, he remembers his celestial heritage and the weakness of mortals, and is intolerant of those who do not meet his high standards. He always uses his special abilities to check up on his wielder, and should the wielder become chaotic, evil, or harbors inappropriate thoughts, he will attempt to dominate his wielder.

Caster Level: 7th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, holy smite, creator must be good; Market Price: 87,315 gp; Cost to Create: 43,815 gp + 3,480 XP.

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