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Helvruin Characters[edit]

Modified 30 Tick System[edit]

Characters in Helvruin are slightly different. Due to the painful and arduous nature of adventuring in Helvruin, only the best are called to do it. Characters in Helvruin use the Modified 30 tick system. In the modified 30 tick system, you take 10 in every stat, add your racial modifier and then add ticks to that score. The first 6 ticks you add to a score (10 to 16 or 12 to 18) adds a point of ability per tick that you spend. After that every odd ability point adds another tick it takes to raise your ability score. (For example, if you started with 10 in a score, 16 to 17 costs 2 ticks and 18 to 19 costs 3 ticks.) This allows for stronger and more balanced characters.

Classes and Class types[edit]

Classes in Helvruin come in four types. These types are: Martial, Arcane, Divine and Psionic. Martial characters, known as Warriors, are your Fighters and Rogues without spellcasting or manifesting. Arcane characters, known as Mages, use arcane spells and their great knowledge as their attacks. Divine characters, known as Clerics, use prayers and spells from their god. Psionic characters, known as Manifesters, use their mind's power to get their way. These different archetypes are seen as ways of life, and people from one archetype often shun or dislike people of other archetypes, so hybrid classes are rarely seen on Helvruin.

Martial Classes[edit]

Arcane Classes[edit]

  • Wizard
  • Sorcerer
  • Bard
  • Warlock (Complete Arcane)
  • Dragonfire Adept (Dragon Magic)
  • Drokanlos (Helvruin Supplement)

Divine Classes[edit]

Psionic Classes[edit]

Hybrid Classes[edit]

  • Warmage (Complete Arcane)
  • Hexblade (Complete Warrior)
  • Lurk (Complete Psionic)
  • Dragon Shaman (Player's Handbook II)
  • Duskblade (Player's Handbook II)
  • Psionic Priest (Helvruin Supplement)


Backstory is an extremely important to any character. You want to know where you come from, what you did, why you're here, and what're you doing in the future. Players are required to complete a few paragraphs about their character, and what happened to make him come on his quest.

Races, Prestige Classes and Other Considerations[edit]

There are many different options to choose in Helvruin. Remember that your race may decide whether or not you can fit in with the rest of the group, and which direction your party may go. If your party has mostly Psionic races, don't go picking a race that focuses on Arcane casting, as those two are direct rivals in Helvruin. Study the rules and the world in which you'll be playing.

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