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Character Creation[edit]

This page contains the basic setting specific rules for character creation. As well as advice, suggestions and links to class pages. Races of Ta'Ril have their own section which can be reached from the main page.


The only real rules or restrictions that I suggest DM's put into place are:

  • Only Races/Classes listed on this wiki
     Just a personal preference. Also saves trouble of explaining new races in your game.
  • Use a standard stat set, rather than rolling or point buy
     Also a preference, as rolling or point buy can result in characters too lopsided to survive if you intend to follow the
     adventures listed on this page. This is especially important for small groups


A few pointers for making party suitable characters:

  • Most important, pick a class and race you will enjoy playing!
  • Next, try to pick a class/race that will mesh well with your party.
  • Also, try to pick a race and class which compliment one another. (relevant state bonuses, etc.)

Combat Roles[edit]

A standard 4th edition party consists of 5 player characters. Each of the characters falls into one of the roles listed below.


Strikers focus on doing large amounts of damage to a single enemy. In smaller groups even one striker can sustain the bulk of a groups damage, while the rest of the group control the flow of battle.

Striker Classes:

  • Ranger → pg. 103, Player's Handbook
  • Rogue → pg. 116, Player's Handbook
  • Warlock → pg. 129, Player's Handbook


Defenders focus on staying in the thick of battle. Attracting their foes and drawing them away from the less hardy members of the party. They keep the baddies distracted long enough for the rest of the group to do their jobs.

Defender Classes:


Controllers focus on manipulating large areas of battle at a time, favoring offense over defense. They can do massive damage spread over a group, or put a group of foes to sleep with a wave of their hands. They help the party out maneuver the opposition.

Controller Classes:

  • Wizard → pg. 156, Player's Handbook


A leader is the lifeblood of a party in combat. A Leader class member leads the party in battle, helping them position themselves to best advantage, and keeping the party on its feet far longer than it would manage on its own.

Leader Classes:

About Backstory[edit]

Some back story is good for your character. However most DMs reserve the right to kidnap your characters past few days at the very least in order to help set the stage. So, backstory is a good thing, but not if it goes moment by moment straight up to the moment the game starts... unless thats what works for your group, in which case... good for you guys \\//^_^

Anywho, a bit is good as it helps give your character definition and personality. Too much, though, and you end up with nowhere left to go and nothing left to do.

About Deities[edit]

Deities in the world of Ta'Ril are ... a bit different than in most DnD settings. First off, while you may encounter members of the "default" DnD pantheon in Ta'Ril they are certainly not in power at the time your character is created, while the Gods of Ta'Ril are nearly all vanished or dead, and the concept of worshiping them has yet to gain acceptance. See the Histories for more information.

    Please note: This is simply the assumed state of things for my campaign. If you wish to use my world as your own with some
    changes, feel free. However, the assumptions listed in these pages will most certainly be the frame of reference for any
    adventures I may post here. As well as any player character journals that may make their way to this site.
    Another note: This makes Paladin's and Clerics somewhat troublesome for the assumed setting. Such individuals are rare, and 
    are often devoted to a specific cause or ideal, rather than to any higher being. Some may later choose to devote themselves 
    to a deity whose pantheon includes their ideals.

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