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Rules for Character Creation[edit]

The world of Shekastkoré uses all the base rules for DnD 3.5e.

The first thing you should do is choose a race from the list of available races. After you have chosen a race that suits you, find a class from the list of available classes. Choose your ability scores using the rules listed in the section below. Then choose any feats, flaws, traits, and skills.

Ability Scores[edit]

Your character's ability scores are determined by rolling 4d6 and drop the lowest die (roll once). Like in normal character creation, you may not raise a stat above an 18 before racial modifiers.


  • All characters gain one racial feat at first level, this is in addition to the normal feat gained at 1st level.
  • All characters have racial skills at first level and these skills count as class skills for the character much like the normal class skills.
Hit Points


In Shekastkoré a character is typically going to be Good aligned. There are however exceptions to the rule. Your race gives a general guideline as to which alignment you can be. Humans are evil, orcs are neutral. Always be careful when choosing your alignment. Alignments are used to help better determine your characters moral compass, and give the DM a short idea of what kinds of actions your character may take with certain other party members. Remember, in this campaign supplement, Moral decisions are a huge factor. Everyone makes mistakes, or picks the wrong path from time to time. Just go with it as long as you remain in character, believe that your decision is what your character would have done, Then no penalties will be hit against you. Alignments are guidelines not rules.


Everyone has a personality. Even pets have a personality. Personality is what makes your character, your character. Are they a drunkard or a lecher? Do they give a friendly appearance but have an ulterior motive? It's always good to give your character a personality. Your character's personality helps create the world. Not everyone likes everyone, and there is usually a reason other than Race behind it. Personality makes it, and makes it fun. This allows your DM opportunities to provide you with tailored character interactions. The more believable your character is, the more fun you will have.

Back Story[edit]

A back story is vital to your character. Too much back story leaves your character nowhere to grow. The best back story is one that helps define your character, but still leaves you room to innovate, and grow. Your back story drives the campaign. Events which have happened in your charcter's past will come back around and impact their future. In Shekastkoré, history does repeat itself.


Due to the immensity of the world, all characters will have a mount that they need to create. All mounts are inteligent and some can even talk. I will list the prefered mounts for each race in the race section. They can be as creative as you like and should be treated as a character. The level of playability will be up to the DM.

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