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Rules for Character Creation[edit]

GalaStar's rules for making charatcer is very simlar to d&d's rules but do have some changes here they are.

The first thing you should do is choose a Species from the list of available Species. After you have chosen a race choose a class then follow the following steps:

Ability Scores[edit]

Your character's ability scores are determined by using the rules in Heros of The Fallen Lands on page

Blood Lines[edit]


<-rules for Bloodlines



Character Personality is a big part of GalaStar. The NPCs react well to certain personalities, and rewards are expected to be given in some form for players that act within those lines. A motive is also useful in determing how a NPC would react to a character, for example, a detective will suspect the hot-headed Kilon known to have a darkside and no mercy to evil doers, than the shy, mild-mannered Vulcan that is known to be a calm and level headed thinker to have killed the baron, even if he was a corrupted slime-ball. In Farfallen, anyone who fits the personality profile of a troublemaker or criminal (Any non Lawful Neutral that is totally obidient, meaning pretty much everyone) may be taken into inquisition. If they are Eldritch or Psionic based and this is revealed, the law will hunt them down for 'reprogramming'.

Leveling up[edit]

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