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The group rested in the forest, and began harvesting Black Oaks. We didn't recall the legends until Amoral started glowing from the eyes. Half of us were dead before the figure in the forest even walked out. And after that, with that dark specter of the mind glaring down at us? We felt hope itself die.

Chaos Dryad[edit]

Chaos Dryad
Level 22 Elite Controller
Medium-Large Fey Animate (Chaos,Psychic)
XP 4500
Initiative +13 Senses Perception,Blindsense
HP 450; Bloodied 225
Healing Surges 5
Regeneration 15
AC 29; Fortitude N/A, Reflex 27, Will 40
Resist 20 Fire Immune Psychic Resist 20 Cold Resist 10 Psychic
Saving Throws +2
Speed 8
Action Points 1
Basicranged.png Mind Blast ♦ None
Effect: Int Vs. Will. Deals 3d8+10 Psychic Damage, and knocks the target Prone
Effect: Int Vs. Will. Has one of the following effects, DM's Discretion

1: Target creature is dominated. DC 30 Int save ends 2: Target creature perceives the world as the Dryad chooses. This has the effect of an illusion, but to any extent that the Dryad wants. DC 35 Int save ends.

Effect: The Dryad Chooses any or all of the following effects.

- The Dryad Changes size, from Large to Medium, or Medium to Large - The Dryad Grows sharps claws, which function as +7 weapons with 2d8+3 damage

Skills +20 Bluff

+ 20 Insight + 20 History + 10 Nature

Str 20/28 (+5/9) Dex 15/11 (+3/+0) Wis 30 (+15)
Con 22 (+6) Int 30 (+15) Cha 24 (+7)
Alignment Neutral Languages Chaos Dryads can speak any language that any person they have encountered before could, with the same degree of fluency
Equipment Robes, Random Books, Magical or otherwise (DM's Discretion)
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Chaos Dryad Tactics[edit]

The Chaos Dryad will stay hidden, preferably using Neuromancy to hide his approach. If attacked, or the players cut or attempt to cut a Black Oak, it will attempt to subdue them, only killing as a last resort.

Chaos Dryad Lore[edit]

A character knows the following information with a successful <!-class skill used for lore-> check.

DC 15: Chaos Dryads are Humanoids that have bonded with the ancient tree's, The Black Oaks. Their arms and legs are replaced, and they spend a year living peacefully in The Forest of Silence, the Realm of the Oak's Spirits. After the Year, they are completely wooden, and their new form grows immensely hard and solid

DC 20: The first Chaos Dryad was a elf, named Tokoz. He took the last name Blackoak, and eventually married, the Oaks bringing forth an offspring of Flesh and wood. He and his descendants are the only known Dryads to still retain a flesh torso and head. He is rumored to still live, but his title, the Walker in Silence, has been passed on since he disappeared nearly 1600 years ago.

DC 30: It was rumored that Tokoz could control others with his mind, and that no man or woman had ever been able to withstand him. Entire cities, who dared to hunt Black Oaks, were dominated and reformed overnight. However, he also began an order, called the Blackwood Legion. Non-Chaos Dryads, and Chaos Dryads uniting to hunt down and elimanate any threat or evil they could discover. Tokoz often spoke of a hope for peace, but the impossibility of his dream was obvious, and eventually, the Legion retreated to his great fortress, Noxholme. It has been over 1000 years since any can truly confirm their flag flying over a battle, but many a besieged kingdom with all hope lost, has seen victory, only to discover that the battle had turned when a mysterious group of soldiers in Black Oak armor appeared like ghosts on the wind, rallying the troops, and smiting their foes, only to leave again without a sound

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