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Chaos brew[edit]

The thing that was ordered was changing colors rapidly, and glowing and bubbling, the smell from it was paradoxically sweet and repulsive, and I was easily implored to drink. This was the night I began my addiction to the devil's liquor, or actually, Limbo's cocktail.
—Ixaca III, The Tavern Best Left Forgotten

Chaos Brew is the distilled essence of chaos itself, a type of brew that even the most foolhardy of sorcerers tend to avoid. Each time an entire glass is downed, a drinker must roll percentile dice and consult the following table.

Chaos Brew Effects:
d% Roll Effect Save
1-17 Odd summons N/A
18-33 Wild Surges Will negates, dc 17
34-42 Hallucinations Fortitude/Will negates, dc 24
43-56 Bent Fortitude Negates, DC 37
57-75 Hurty pain Fortitude negates, DC 14
76-84 Unlikely strength Fortitude Negates, 17
85-97 Damage levels Fortitude Negates, DC 12
98-100 Divine Re-write N/A


Saves: All the saves listed for Chaos brew are optional, as the drinker may choose to avoid the save and take the effect at his own risk.

Odd Summons: An outsider is randomly summoned. If on an alternate plane, creatures from the material plane are used to substitute for outsiders from that plane. The loyalty of the summoned creature is dependent on an opposed diplomacy check to influence friendliness, or a bluff check to convince the summoned creature that the summoning was either made in full power (and that the drinker is obviously powerful enough to severely harm this creature), or an intimidate check. The summoned creature is chosen completely at random, and may be any CR.

Wild Surges: A spellcaster must flip a coin, and then roll a d6. A heads results in adding the d6's to Spell casting level for 1d8 minutes, and a tails results in subtracting that same number of levels. These levels only apply to caster level, and no other stats. A non-spellcaster must re-roll, and if he gets this again, nothing happens.

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