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Scales.png This page is of questionable balance. Reason: the mechanics of this make no sense. You sense motive with a Sense Motive check, not "d20 plus your will save" (aka a Will Save). If you have to be LG to take the feat, there should probably be some restriction to how you change alignment. Lastly, I think by "level" you mean "hit dice"

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Change of Faith [Epic][edit]

You may change someone's alignment
Prerequisite: Wis 19, Con 19, level 25, Lawful Good
Benefit: A character with this feat can change the alignment of another character they meet. In order to do so roll either an intimidate check or a Perform(torture) check with a +5 bonus. Whomever you are rolling against must make a Will Save, DC your skill check result. If you roll higher than them you may change their alignment to whatever you choose. They remember their past alignment and are aware of what you have done. The process is extremely painful (for them, not you [in addition to the pain you may be causing them via Perform(Torture)), and if their will save is more than 10 less than your intimidate or Perform(torture) skill check, or more than 20 less if the target was chaotic, the subject will suffer from Stockholm Syndrome and is treated as friendly towards you until he or she receives therapy [Diplomacy DC the margin of failure of the will save, requiring 1 week for every 5 points of failure.] If the target fails by less than that margin, they are now hostile to you. If their wisdom or intelligence scores are higher than 10, they receive a bonus equal to the square of the sum of their intelligence and wisdom modifiers on all rolls made against social action by you. If they were chaotic they receive a +2 morale bonus on attack and damage rolls against you. If you attempt this ability on a Cleric, their base will save is doubled for the purpose of resisting your ability, and, if they successfully save, you will likely attract the wrath of their God. Even if divine intervention does not occur, you take a -20 penalty to all saves allowed by their spells for the next 24 hours. Using this skill requires that the opponent be helpless, typically because they are bound.

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