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Caveman/Cavewoman (Lawful Barbarian)[edit]

Lawful Variant for Barbarian: Caveman and cavewoman are primitive and uncivilized folks. Living in loyal tribal society bounded by honor.

Class: Barbarian

Level: Class Progression

Replaces: Trap Sense, Damage Reduction, Alignment Restriction.

Benefit: Bounded by Honor, Survival Tricks

Survival Tricks: At 3rd level and each 5 level thereafter, a Barbarian may select 2 of the following bonuses.

Battle Instinct: When raging a caveman/cavewoman gain a insight bonus on reflex save equal to their will save rage bonus.
Improved Battle Instinct: When raging a caveman/cavewoman add his/her wisdom bonus to his/her AC as a Insight bonus. This ability require positive wisdom modifier and battle instinct ability.
Eat Anything: A Caveman/cavewoman is able to eat most food. Food never causes nausea to a caveman/cavewoman. Additionally they react better to poison and thus gain a +2 Competence bonus on fortitude save against ingested poison.
Nomad Lore: Function as Bardic Lore ability, except you use your caveman/cavewoman barbarian level instead of bard level.
Survivalist: You gain one half your caveman/cavewoman level as a competence bonus on survival check. Additionally you gain a +2 competence bonus on all wisdom-based skill.

Primitive Honor: A caveman/cavewoman barbarian is a lawful barbarian, thus they no longer require to be non-lawful. A caveman/cavewoman barbarian may choose to be chaotic, but they no longer require to be non-lawful for barbarian class and all associated prestige classes.

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