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Notice about the extra Rules

A Typical Catgirl

In thinking of how to make D&D Better, I started this Race in order to give both the people a good character choice to choose from as well as packing as many things that are different/new into this D&D Race as feasibly possible in order to see what works and what doesn't. The reasons for why I wanted to add these things is both, "Because I can," and, "Because I'm bored, and I wish to do something out of the box/give a good RP character race to people."

Please add possible things that you'd like for a D&D Race page to have, and please leave reviews on both the race and the new things I put in for it on the Discussion page. I'm trying to see how much things that have been overlooked by WoTC in a Race Description/Stats that I may put in.

General Information

  • Nekomimi (猫耳) are also called Catgirls/Catboys, Nekomusume (猫娘), Cailatchta, Bakeneko (化け猫), Ceitenatnalin, Neko (猫), and various other things...

Nekomimi are a race of humanoids that arise from a rare mutation that can affect any other humanoid race. They are born normally for their race, except they exhibit a combination of their parent's race and feline features. The mutation is not caused by any environmental triggers, and there is no way short of divination to see if a baby is a potential Nekomimi.

Although an aberration within the reproductive cycle of other races, Nekomimi themselves breed true. A child will not exhibit the features of both parents, instead strongly showing the traits of one, most often the parent that shares it's gender with the child. They are all of varying differences, but mostly have similarities to Homo Sapiens, though having a set of cat ears and/or a tail. While some differ in appearance, almost to the point of appearing to be an entirely different species, they are of the same race (Mostly). It is challenging to tell if a cat-creature is, in fact, a Nekomimi; some can be confused with Catkin, Catfolk, and Werecats of differing species, and even, albeit rarely and usually by someone extremely impaired mentally(Such of the case of being heavily drunk) or visually, moogles. Nekomimi are strictly a close-knit group of creatures so closely similar to one another, that they would have to be considered the same species to preserve Humanoid sanity.

Nekomimi seem to be of Gaian (Natural) or divine source, or perhaps are simply aberrant creatures of evolution. It is impossible to truly explain how these creatures could come to exist, but they do. Though some theories suggest that there may be some divine hand at play by one of the gods of nature.


Nekomimi are arguably one of the most complex and strange species in existence, most notably in terms of their personality... Depending on their moods (which can change instantly) Nekomimi can be spontaneous, open, joking, and laughing, and they can turn introspective, brooding, and cold seconds later. Nekomimi typically display cat-like behaviors, exhibiting traits such as playfulness, mischievousness and deviousness. Sometimes this may include cat gestures or sounds in written or verbal communications.

Physical Description

A Nekomimi is a humanoid with cat traits, such as cat ears, a cat tail, or other feline characteristics on an otherwise human body. The colouring of their catlike features can be any that are found of cats. Their human hair often matches this colour. Nekomimi can have the skin colour of their parents. Nekomimi often have unusual eyes that are slightly catlike or an unusual colour like purple or yellow.


More patient races tolerate the cat-people, while Humans seem intrigued with their abilities, and Werewolves seem to have a deep seated hatred for them. While most races regard them as vagrants, as they tend to wander from place to place, they are still treated well by communities. Being a Rarity some lands value them as Slaves and Oddities. (Think Circus Freaks)


Most are Chaotic Neutral, which supports the way they tend to switch from one emotional state to another at the drop of a hat, though this generalization doesn't prevent being any other alignment. Nekomimi are very rarely lawful and not normally evil, however a chaotic evil Nekomimi is a terrifying being.


For Most Nekomimi, it is simple for where they live; nowhere and everywhere. They do not have any real united lands, and most are just as adaptable to most environs as a standard Human. Even at places where the term "Humanoid-friendly" is a misnomer, it still stands. Nekomimi do not have any lands that they can call their own that is bigger than a city of at least 450 people, though they tend to be Nomadic moving from one place to another plying whatever trades they may have while actively searching for other Nekomimi. There also seem to be stationary Tribes of them who have Hunter-Gatherer Structures. (Think Native American Indians)

There are people who have heard rumor of a unified Nekomimi republic in countless areas, citing own eye-witnessing as well as vague encounters. However, it is simply too difficult to have a Nekomimi Nation because of the sheer difficulty of the other races to be granted a Nekomimi child...


Nekomimi often religiously irreverent or follow the religion of their parents. Most Nekomimi have a deep reverence for nature and sometimes choose to worship nature deities or spirits. More traditional Nekomimi have a great respect for their ancestors and often worship at shrines dedicated to them.


Nekosara (Spoken), uses an offshoot of the common and Sylvan scripts as the writing language, called Sylvan-Makari.


Many Nekos just use the name their parents give them. Depending on what race their parents are, this could be a human or elven name, or something else entirely.

Some Nekos go by nicknames like "Tabby" or "Fluff". These nicknames tend to be cat-related or involve some sort of obscure joke.

Racial Traits

Chosen additional Features

You can create a customised Nekomimi by choosing bonus additional features or penalties. These will adjust your LA according to the total score of all additional features chosen according to the table below.

  • Nekomimi cannot go over +3 LA.
  • You cannot take a bonus more than once.
  • DM's may enforce an optional rule that a Nekomimi cannot have more LA scores than half the positive scores from additional features that they have chosen.
LA +0 = 0 -> 2
LA +1 = 2.1 -> 3
LA +2 = 3.1 -> 4.5
LA +3 = 4.6 -> 7
  • Each additional feature has a number that is added (if positive) or subtracted (if negative) from the score used to calculate the level adjustment that your custom catgirl race.
  • You may chose to have a negative overall score.

Bonus Abilities

  1. +2 Dex (+1.0)
  2. +4 Wis (+1.0)
  3. +2 Cha. (+ 0.5)
  4. +2 Str (+1.0)
  5. +2 Int (+1.0)
  6. +2 Reflex save bonus (+0.6)
  7. +4 Hide (+0.2)
  8. +10 Base Speed (+ 0.6)
  9. +4 Climb (+0.2)
  10. +8 Jump (+0.4)
  11. +1 Natural armor (+1)
  12. 9 Lives (Gains slight resistances at near death, has better chance of surviving with bleeding, will be able to stand up better as well)
    • The Character gains a +2 to any roll that would save them from dying from all death spell-like/Supernatural/Spell effects (Such as wail of the banshee, Disintigrate). they also are instead stabilized on a stabilization roll of 45%, instead of 30%, and are considered to have +2 to their constitution score when rolling Hitpoints. (+2)
  13. Alternate Shape (can assume an alternate shape of character's own choice, dependant on HD. Has to be an animal, and the tables need to be made.) (+1.25)
  14. Darkvision 60 ft (+0.75) (Cats, nocternal by nature, can see very well in the dark...)
  15. Extreme Agelessness: Nekomimi gains small size and becomes immune to artificial aging and takes no aging penalties under any circumstances (but is not immune from aging bonuses) (+1.2)
  16. Catfall: Reduces Falling damage by 15%, and is considered standing, not prone, from large falls. (+0.6)
  17. Fast Mover ability (+1.5)
    • Character can run at 5x speed in light/no armor/encumberance, can take 1 deviation while running/in a charge or bullrush each round. Gains +5 speed, gains a low, soft cover (+4 AC against targets within 30 feet, cannot hide) during their run (doesn't apply if character attacks after running), but stays if character keeps on running. The cover is based in the same square as the character. (+.85)
  18. Feline canines (+0.6) (Gains 1d4 Bite ability with a -4 to hit.)
  19. Feline Emotions Ability
    • Does an opposed Sense motive check on target (Vs. other's bluff/sense motive/Wis mod, whichever's higher). If beaten, +2 to any cha-based abilities or diplomatic abilities. +2 more every 15 over the opposed roll.
  20. Hard of Tracking: Pass without trace. Those who want to bypass track must make a will save opposing the Neko's Cha+1/2 of the Neko's HD roll. (+.45)
  21. +2 Move Silently Bonus(+0.15)
  22. Heat Tolerance: Considered to have Heat endurance (+4 to fortitude saves to resist heat) (+.4)
  23. Hide Nekomusume (The Character is able to 'hide' their Nekomimi traits, giving them the ability to pretend to be More humanoid. This is utilizible at will but while hiding their nekomimi traits they cannot use any bonus abilities.) (+0.3)
  24. Indeliable Kawaii:
    • "A catgirl is always kawaii. They cannot avoid or hide this fact, and, though it makes them endearing, it is also terribly inconvenient, at times. Unless shapeshifted into another form, such as by a spell of the polymorph subschool, they automatically fail any Bluff or Disguise checks to imitate anything which is not kawaii. In addition, they take a -8 kawaii penalty to Intimidate checks, which can only be offset by ridiculous displays of magical powers, classified as an evocation spell of seventh level or higher. However, this quality can work to their advantage, granting them a +4 kawaii bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy checks, due to an endearing nature. In addition, they are immune to effects which damage Charisma and have a +2 kawaii bonus to AC except against creatures that are immune to mind effecting effects." (+0.8)
  25. Deadly Claws (Cat claws deal lethal damage, don't have -2 to-hit another target.)(+0.35)[REQUIRES Claws of The Cat Bonus Feature]
  26. Permanent Adolescence
    • Is permanently a teenager until death, Ageless for all intents/purposes, even against artificial aging, adds cha bonus +2 to their willsave versus ageing effects.(+.95)
  27. Pride Guardian: For every 4 HD, a Neko can choose one NPC/PC. That Character is now "Protected." Neko attacking anything that attacked their mark in the last round gains +2 damage to that mark only, and can 'aid' in saving throws (if their roll beats the attack, +2 to the friend's Save). Has to be within 30 feet of their mark to gain these abilities.(+0.35)
  28. Profane Luck (Based of Black cat myths of European Middle ages)
    • Has a special aura that lowers all near misses. If the die roll has just met or exceeded the DC, or other type of specified roll that allows any motion of success, the result is lowered by 2. All people surrounding this character are subject to this except for creatures immune to bad luck. If the Character wishes to surpress this, they must make a Will save (16+HD-Luck bonuses, the aura doesn't have any effect on this roll) to surpress it for 24 hours. This is a supernatural ability. (+0.6)
  29. Sacred Luck (Based off Viking/Oriental (Japanese/Chinese mostly) Consideration of cats as Lucky creatures and Good companions)
    • has an aura that allows all near misses (Defined as a check that has missed the Difficulty Class, AC, or other Difficulty standards by at least 1) to have 1 added to the roll, making it succeed. (If the roll was already met, and the number that is being rolled against is instead a roll to see the degree of success, this doesn't work). All rolls of 1 are not critical failures while in this aura, and all creatures in this aura, save for ones that cannot have good luck, gain this. If the character wishes to suppress this aura, they must do so by succeeding on a will save (16+HD+ Curse Penalties, the Aura is doesn't have any effect on this roll) to suppress this for 24 hours. This is a supernatural ability. (+0.8)
  30. Scent (gains Scent ability) (+0.5)
  31. Semi-Alternate Shape Ability: Disguise self at will (This is non-illusional and is an actual change) (+1.5)
  32. Spiritual senses: Can see ethereal at will (+0.4)
  33. Sharp Sight: Changes Spot distance penalty modifier to -1 per 15 feet of distance, +2 to spot.(+0.65)
  34. Sharp Hearing:
    • +20% hearing distance to listen, adds 25% of wis bonus (natural modifiers only) to listen-based abilities, Can use listen (*1.25% of the DC to hear) to locate the distance away from the character in general increments (usually by increments based on the speed of the character). (+0.3)
  35. Speak with Animals (Cats/feline creatures) at will (+0.4)
  36. Spiritual Embodiment
    • the Character embodies a natural spirit that is usually of their mythological genealogy, or of a wilderness deity's creation (such as Dryads of Obad-hai or the like). In which they have a symbiotic relationship with. This grants them Wild Empathy and +4 diplomacy with all creatures of the type they have the symbiotic relationship with. (+0.3)
  37. Trusted Companions: Aid another creates a +4 bonus rather then +2 (+0.5)
  38. Wider Sight: cannot be flanked. (+0.8)

Bonus physical Features

  1. Kemonovir: +1 natural armor (+1)
  2. Nekome: +4 to saves to prevent being blinded, can see as normal for lighting while underwater (no vision penalties underwater) (+.7)
  3. Nekote (Nekoashi): +2 to move silently, allows the Neko to make an acrobatic charge. An acrobatic charge is like a normal charge with the following changes: it does not provoke attack of opportunity, they are allowed to move over all terrain at full speed, and they are allowed to make tumble checks as part of the charge. (+1)
  4. Claws of the Cat: 2 1d4 natural claw attacks (Non-lethal, -2 to-hit.)(+1)
  5. Ikuraka no Pelz: +4 to diplomacy if in physical contact with the subject (+0.2)
  6. Vibrissae: Can move through tight spaces as if one size smaller (+1)
  7. Vocal Abilities: Can mimik voices or other vocal noises. They make a Bluff check opposed by an opponent's will save or sense motive (whichever is higher) to determine success. By taking -2 to this bluff check they can also make the sound appear to come from another source (ventriloquism) (+1)

Explanation of Traits

  • Kemonovir:

Descr.: (Basically gives Nekomimi a more furry/lycanthrope look)

Etymology: Comes from 'Kemono' (Japanse, 獣), which means "Beast," (Used to refer to a genre of Japanese art employing anthropomorphic animals) and 'vir,' (Latin), which means "Man." Vir is also a possible root for 'Were,' An archiac Term for a Adult Male (where term, "Were and wife" comes from).

  • Shippotsuika:

Descr.: (Nekomimi has now one more tail, stackable)

Etymology: Comes from the combination of the words, 'Shippo' (Japanese, しっぽ), meaning "Tail," and 'tsuika' (Japanese), meaning "Addition."

  • Nekote (Nekoashi):

Descr.: (Character has cat-like paws replacing hands and feet)

'Etymology: Comes from 'Neko' (Japanese, 猫), meaning "Cat," and 'te,' (Japanese, 手), meaning "Hand," or "Paw/Foreleg." Also used is 'Ashi' (Japanese, 足), meaning "Foot."

  • Claws of the cat:

Descr.: Character gains cat-like claws, or is able to form them, and their attacks are considered slashing when unarmed. However, they are not that viable as weapons, and thus do not give bonuses. (see bonus abilities for more details).

  • Nekome:

Descr.: Character Gains Cat-like eyes/nictating membrane (3rd eyelids), can gain Cat-eye abilities.

'Etymology: Comes from 'Neko' (Japanese, 猫), and 'me,' (Japanese, め), meaning "Eye."

  • Vibrissae:

Descr.: Character gains Cat whiskers all over their body, with major ones on the face, and minor ones on the rest of the body.

  • Ikuraka no Pelz

Descr.: Character develops a slightly more fuzzy/furry look, a thin layer of fur covering their entire body

Etymology: Comes from 'ikuraka no- (Japanese, いくらかの), meaning 'some,' And 'Pelz,' (German), meaning Fur.(Thanks random user)

Penalty features

  1. -2 Str. (-1.0)
  2. -2 Con. (-1.0)
  3. -2 Wis (-1.0)
  4. Mind of the Nekomusume: A nekomimi has trouble concentrating. (-2 on spot, listen and initiative) (-.6)
  5. Nocturnal Hunter: (Gets tired more easily in daylight, makes Con check vs. 10+3/4ths HD every time the sun breaks, or gets fatigued. If they fail the first time, they have to take a second roll an hour later. If this fails, exhausted. (-.8)
  6. Natural Claws (Needs Nekotsume and Claws of the Cat) -2 to all dexterity based skill checks excepting Tumble and move silently (-.5) (Claws are non-retractable.)
  7. Delicate bones: -1 hitpoints per level (-.7)
  8. Susceptible: -2 to any saves verses disease or poison (-.75)
  9. Carnivorous Dependency: Unable to eat any food save meat-based products. Doubles the cost of rations. (Cannot be taken with Fussy eater) (-.5)
  10. Cold Snap (Very susceptible to Changes in temperature) If temperature changes by more than 2 bands within half an hour, Neko gets -4 to all saves and -1 to all skills.)
  11. Fussy Eater: Triples the cost of rations, must do will save to eat hunted or gathered food; only rations or magically conjured food are exempt from the save. Any attempt to do otherwise causes them to be sickened for 1 hour if failing a fort save defined by the table below. (-1.2)
Fussy Eater save, Base save is 15
condition modifier
1 Neko sees the animal killed/food gathered +1
2 Food isn't cooked +3
3 Neko has an active part in cooking the food -1
4 Food is cooked using a recipe that the Neko has already made the will save to eat previously -2
  1. Emotional Neko: After any failed skill check they are considered shaken for 1d6 minutes. (-0.7)
  2. Tailless: -2 balance and tumble (-0.6)
  3. Hyperactive: Cannot take 20 on any check. weight is -10 pounds from what is rolled. Cannot be taken with Hypoactive. (-.9)
  4. Hypoactive: sleeps 1.25 times longer than normal. Cannot be taken with Hyperactive.(-.8)
  5. Loner: -2 charisma against those of indifferent or lower Diplomatic bands (see Diplomacy table). (Has hard time dealing with others that are unfamiliar) (-.5)
  6. Naivety: Character will believe anything told to them unless a will save (DC=15+Charisma modifier of person talking to catgirl+HD of person talking to catgirl-HD of catgirl) (-1.5)
  7. Neurotic Kitty: Tally each successful check, save, or attack and each failure each day. If failures are greater then successes, then the catgirl is considered Shaken for 4 hours the next day. (-1)
  8. Strange Brew: The Neko has much less self control because of their feral nature. Once per round when they take damage they must make a will save equal to half the damage dealt from the largest source. If failed flip a coin. Heads, the Neko does everything in his/her power to damage the being who damaged him/her and cannot attack any other being unless moving around them would cause attack of opportunity. Tails they take a withdraw action. (-1.6)
  9. Pact of Hatred: select 1 group of creatures with animal-like roots, and considers anything that is similar to those races as enemies; Only animals that are considered threats to a normal cat are to be considered (EG: dog, Rats, Mice, etc). PC is willed to take action if in company of one of the group, and acts in a threatening manner (weapons unsheathing, bows notching, fists really about to come down, etc) to her/others in the vincity of 30 feet, the neko has to make a will save against (15+own cha bonus+1/4th HD). If failed, the neko will attack the offender until he/she is heavily wounded (1/2 HP), or knocked out. If the other creature is particularly threatening (Killed someone, is forcing another to 1/2 health or below lethally, or used intimidate), the neko is forced to take the target down to 0 health. If the creature attempts to run away or if the DM is being especially kind, the Neko can attempt to do their willsave again at a +5 bonus to end their rampage. Otherwise, they can attempt to make a will save every other round. (-1)


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