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Pokemon Type[edit]


A PokeMon creature has the following features:

  • 12-sided Hit Dice
  • Base Attack Bonus equal to 1/5 HD
  • Always fail Will saves; average Fortitude, good Reflex
  • PokeMon gain no skill points. They may have racial bonuses to some skills.
  • PokeMon do not gain feats. They receive Alertness as a bonus feat.

A PokeMon creature has the following traits:

  • Low-Light Vision
  • PokeMon need to eat, sleep, and breathe
  • PokeMon Battle: A PokeMon never deals lethal damage to another PokeMon. Treat all damage taken in a fight between two PokeMon as non-lethal damage.
  • Proficient with their Struggle natural attack only
  • Not proficient with any armor
  • Special Advancement: A PokeMon gains experience at five times the rate of a normal creature, though it does not gain feats or skills as it levels.
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