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The Inath culture and Variant Rule system is a fully developed system that enhances player & NPC progression by allowing Divine Rank rules that make Divine Progression more comparable to Class progression.

These pages exhibit this system in full.

All current Inath Pages:

Supplemental Information:

  • ...
  1. Ketra (Inath Supplement)
  2. Nekochma (Inath Supplement)
  3. Byrnah (Inath Supplement)
  1. Akesda (Inath Supplement)
  2. Pyrurin (Inath Supplement)
  3. Algareth (Inath Supplement)
  1. Nefratzach (Inath Supplement)
  2. Aislodd (Inath Supplement)
  3. Yesdatha (Inath Supplement)

Divine Titles and Ranks:

Inath (3.5e Variant Rule) Special Abilities:

New Inath (3.5e Variant Rule) Rolls:

New Planar, Environmental, & Plot Elements:

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