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Symbol: One which, upon viewing, would immediately remove you from existence.
Home Plane: Any as he creates and destroys planes of existence as he pleases.
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Captain watches over those he chooses in order to keep himself entertained.
Clergy Alignments: Captain's worshipers are only the chosen few he has allowed knowledge of his existence.
Domains: Reality
Favored Weapon: Reality, Any weapon that keeps him entertained.

Captain appears to mortals in the form of a gray and white house cat, though his true form remains a mystery as those who witness his true form cease to exist. Captain maintains the personality and behavior of the run-of-the-mill house cat, he does so to confuse any who might come in contact with him. Captain does not speak any language, he simply plants ideas into the heads of those he chooses. Having created everything, Captain finds existence to be nothing more than a game. He is truly omnipotent and can change reality as he sees fit, and he does so merely to entertain himself. His rulings over reality are random and chosen as he sees fit. He is without moral standards and truly something to be feared.


Captain's rules for each existence differ depending on his mood and each set of rules is subject to change at any time. Some existences are left alone as he allows existences without his interference. Captain does not disapprove of anything, he only forbids things to stay occupied. However, displeasing him is strongly advised against.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

There is no clergy as few know of Captain's ruling over existence. However, there are a few select people of the world who Captain has granted the knowledge of his existence. Those he has granted said knowledge to tend to keep it a secret, but they follow his every request out of fear of what might happen otherwise.

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