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These are not intended for d20 Modern, but for d20 future.


Genetically similar to humans the carnivorous Cathnacari are from the desolate world of Caltum. They are arrogant and sadistic by nature, although they also have a sense of fun and adventure that can look like valour to outsiders. After all what is the point of siding with a guy who is definitely going to win when their is another guy who might win and therefore be more fun. They are ruled by a theocracy that serves a vast plethora of millions of deities, demons and ancestral spirits. This cult system of government is mostly academic these days however as their home world is ruled by (insert appropriate race) overlords. They have a great dislike for most other races, especially Allurians. Physically they are humanoid, about 10% smaller and lighter than humans, with short black or grey fur, sharp teeth, green eyes and long yellow claws.

Racial bonuses[edit]

Abilities: Dex +2, Cha -2, Wis -2 Cathnacari are agile but arrgoant and impulsive.

Medium size.

Not human:No bonus feat or skill points for Cathnacari.

Natural weapons: Cathnacari have two claw attacks as primary weapons. They deal d6 points of damage.

Low light vision: Cathnacari see twice as far as humans in regions of low illumination.


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