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Civil Protection Powered Combat Suit[edit]

A CP Powered Combat Suit

This simple but highly effective soldier's gear is the ubiquitous protective gear for the bulk of the Combine military. Using Earth materials and effective mass production, the Powered Combat Suit makes any Overwatch military squad a force to be reckoned with. The CP Powered Combat Suit contains full body armoring in heavy duty clothing, complete with utility belt and Kevlar underlay. The breathing masks of this model suit are refined to block all effervescent toxins from entering the respiratory system, and the full-cover helmet system contains thermal imaging tools. The suit's fabric is tailored to block some measure of energetic particles and contains electrodes that harmlessly augment certain bodily functions.

Armor Bonus: 6

Max Dex Bonus: 3

Armor Check Penalty: -4

Special: Immunity to poison, +1 to all saves, land speed +10 ft., +6 circumstance bonus to Spot checks.

Cost: Unresolved

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