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Bronze is a softer metal than steel. Bronze may be used in place of steel. Bronze items are worth 1/5 the price of a steel weapon. Bronze does not rust. Bronze items may be cast rather than forged.

Bronze weapons do the same damage as their steel counterparts. Their critical range is always 20/x2. Bronze weapons have a -2 hardness of steel and 3/4 the hit points.

Bronze armors have their AC bonus reduced by one. Bronze chain shirts and bronze chain mail have their AC bonus reduced by two. (The reduced protection of bronze armor may makes some of these armors less worthwhile.) Bronze armors have a -2 hardness of steel.

Bronze shields have the same AC bonus as steel shields. Bronze shields have a hardness of 8.

Bronze has 22-1/2 hit points per inch of thickness (round down, minimum 1).

Soft Metal[edit]

Soft metals include copper, tin, silver, and gold.

For game purposes, treat soft metal weapons as bronze weapons. On a natural 1, a soft metal weapon bends, giving it a -4 to hit. A soft metal weapon may be repaired with a DC 10 Craft (weapon) roll. Copper weapons are usually piercing weapons or light slashing weapons, such as daggers and hand axes. Soft metal weapons have 1/2 the hit points of steel weapons and 1/2 the hardness.

Soft metal armor is fairly ineffective. It is rarely used to make armor. It has -3 AC, 3 hitpoints per inch, and hardness of 2.

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