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Creating a Shaman[edit]

All shamans rely on Wisdom, and they also benefit from a high Constitution or Intelligence. You can choose any shaman powers you like for your character, though many shamans favor one of two different builds, letting their power choices be shaped by the form of their spirit companions.


You're a Shaman. You can call on the spirits of nature and unleash their power. But unlike other shamans, you like nature, but also want to corrupt it to your powers. You use corrupt spirits to deal more damage than other Shamans. You still help bolstering you're allies, but you also deal much damage to foes, or let allies deal much damage to foes. You're key ability is Wisdom, because most of your powers rely on wisdom. Constitution should be the next score, because for some powers there is a price to pay if it would went wrong. You’ll want a good Intelligence score to improve your AC as well. Choose powers that helps your allies, as well as help to deal much damage, You're secondary role is striker.

Suggested Class Feature: Protector spirit
Suggested Feat: Shared healing Spirit (Human Feat: Toughness)
Suggested Skills: Nature, Endurance, Heal, Athletics
Suggested At-Will Powers: Bestial Surge, Haunting spirits (players handbook 2)
Suggested Encounter Power: Soul Leech
Suggested Daily Power: Wrath of the Spirit World (players handbook 2)

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