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Branson Berry is a Half Elf Champion north of dragon forest. He is one of two chosen ones (Lane Sigman is the second). Ever since his mother was murdered by a tribe of Orcs, he has killed every Orc within earshot of his Kingdom. If you speak to him he will give you a series of missions to help him in the now epic war against the Orc race. After you have completed his missions, he will allow you to armor your mount, and he will also give you his sword (a sword made for Branson by Gorlon, the chief god of all religions).


Mission 1: Branson Berry will ask you to kill 100 Orcs, all charging the Kingdom.

Mission 2: Branson Berry will ask you to slay 10 of the Orc's war-dragons.

Mission 3: Branson Berry will ask you to guide his army south, through the dragon forest, until you reach Lane Sigmans chocobo breeding farm, to pick up an order of chocobos to help fight the war.

Mission 4: Branson Berry will ask you to go on night shift and guard the Kingdom of Orcs during the night time, while his troops sleep.

Mission 5: Branson Berry will ask you to find your way to the Orc base and find the Orc commander. You will then have to kill him (which will earn you 500 honor), or bring him back to Branson alive (which will earn you 1000 honor).

Once you complete these missions, Branson Berry will put armor on your mount when requested (free the first time, and 50 gold the next times). He will also give you his sword, which is made of gold and rune. (Branson's sword: Sword of Destiny, 5000 damage, +50strength, +50 armor bonus, +50 defense, and +50.3 attack speed.) Soon after you recieve the Sword of Destiny, you will encounter Gorlon. He will demand you to give the Sword of Destiny back to him, so he can return it to Branson. You can reluctantly give it to Gorlon, or battle him for it (Gorlon has 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 hitpoints and 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 mana).

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