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This exotic weapon is made from a rare wood that helps resonate musical sound. It looks like a hybrid between a harp and a bow. It is ideal for the ranged abilities of a bard trying to keep his distance from battle. A character with any levels in bard does not suffer any attack roll penalties for using this exotic weapon. This weapon /instrument functions as a +1 masterwork Longbow and Harp.

This musical item allows a bard to simultaneously play the instrument and make a ranged attack at the same time. As a full round action, a character can make one ranged attack while continually playing music. This single attack requires a dc 35 perform or concentration (whichever is higher) check. If the perform check fails then the character automatically fumbles the performance that round, playing no music, making no attacks, and ending all Bardic Music. The fumbled performance sounds so horrible that all stat bonuses received from all the character's music immediately stop (even if the normal duration is longer than that round). A character cannot move in the same round that he simultaneously played music and shot an arrow. A character can go between using the item as just a bow or just a harp as a free action. The wielder can choose to make multiple ranged attacks with the bow as normal, but cannot play music in that round.

The +1 is attributed to both the harp and Longbow.

Prerequisites to create: Craft wondrous item (feat), Point Blank Shot(feat), Perform strings 8 ranks. 15,000 GP in base materials, 400xp.

30,000 GP

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