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Book of Magic
Abbreviation: N/A
Author: D.T. Butchino, Joseph Carriker, Steve Kenson, Steven Marsh, and Aaron Sullivan
Publisher: Green Ronin Publishing
Item Code: grr2518e
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Format: PDF
Page Count: 128
ISBN-10: 1-932442-99-5
Price: $14.50
Product Blurb:
A Manual of Mysterious Magics!

By the Shining Sigil of Sirrion! The Book of Magic is the complete Mutants & Masterminds sourcebook on the Arts Arcane, all that is magical and mysterious. It is a guide to comic book magic, providing everything players and Gamemasters need to run games based on magical comics ranging from light-hearted to dark post-modern and everything in-between.

The focus is on magical characters and settings, but with an eye towards integrating these characters and elements into a more general superhero series.

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