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Bonebreak: This +2 undead bane light flail is an ancient weapon forged by a civilization long past. It is crafted from dark, nearly black steel, showing years of use. The haft is unadorned and wrapped in finely tooled red leather. Although worn, the leather still provides a firm, comfortable grip. The weapon’s head is a large steel globe with smaller rounded protrusions across its surface.

The black flail was originally wielded by Thaz-daru the Bold, a wicked warlord who conquered many of his neighboring tribes. The +1 light flail served its master until his death during a bloody rebellion. The flail was taken and disappeared from the record for many years. It resurfaced in the hands of the orc bandit Garoosh, who used the weapon to gain dominance over his tribe. Believing that the lands of men must be filled with items of power, Garoosh forged a pact with an ogre chieftain, and the two tribes swept out of the mountains to raid and pillage human settlements. For two summers they terrorized the countryside until Garoosh was grievously injured by the marksmanship of the elven ranger Dalandier. The orc died from his injuries, but his evil would not stay buried. Returning as a lifehating undead monstrosity, Garoosh slew his tribe and disappeared into the mountains. Tramelin, a half-elven slayer of the undead, eventually discovered him. She defeated Garoosh and carried forth his magical hoard. Praying to her deity, Tramelin succeeded in improving the magical power of Bonebreak, making it a +2 light flail.

The noble adventurer carried the weapon with her against countless numbers of undead. When she finally succumbed to old age, her family buried her with the flail. It lay in slumber with its mistress for decades, until a vampire infestation plagued the area. Knowing the history of Tramelin, an intrepid bard stole into her crypt and retrieved the flail. As a blessing from the deity she served so long, a minute portion of Tramelin’s essence had transferred into the flail, granting it the undead bane property. After destroying the vampires the bard returned the flail to its crypt, where legends say it remains today.

Caster Level: 8th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, summon monster I; Market Price: 32,308 gp; Cost to Create: 16,308 gp + 1,280 XP.

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