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"What sort of Deity would I be if not a D it be."

- Supposed Quote of Bob

Bob God of Randomness[edit]

Greater Deity
Symbol: A golden Question Mark
Home Plane: Randomonia Plane
Alignment: Chaotic
Portfolio: Bob watches over the entire existence of everything to see if any one being exhibits his level of random
Clergy Alignments: There are no clergy to speak of but an assortment of followers who just do what he wants
Domains: Not Available
Favored Weapon: Rubber Chicken of Random
Bob the god of Randomness has existed since forever and has been considered as the creator of reality.  He has a straight chaotic 

alignment which is unheard of. If a player chooses to follow Bob be warned that at if you do not take a straight Chaotic Alignment then be prepared to change your entire charecter.


Bob encourages random behaviour, however "encourages" could mean he gives you a bag of gold or a rat swarm pouring out your pants. Anything else he could care less about. If you summon him (IF) do not start a sentence with a word that starts with R, S, T, or, L.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

If a temple exists for Bob it is usually a stick shoved into the ground with a random set of numbers carved into it. However, it becomes useless after two hours and 36 minutes.

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