Blue Battle Armor (3.5e Equipemnt)

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Blue Battle Armor[edit]

[Warfored only] Even this armor is a blue tint, but years of battle have left it scared with an attractive appeal. It shimmers in the sun's light, leaving you with a sense of assured justice.

The Blue Battle Armor is in fact a +1 Breastpalte, any additional parts normaly assoicated with Breastplate is also a enchanted metal, but dose not restrict movement any more then normal. These sets or armor can be found nearly any where the Legeand of Mega-Warman has been told. Appreantly he went through alot of armor or got blasted one to many times.

Special: Warforge can have this incorperated into their bodies to replace exsisting armor. It requires a whole 48 hrs and/or 24 hrs with the aid of another warforged or a robotic inclined ally (Craft armor 5).

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