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Bloodwatch Knight[edit]

Born from the practice of living sacrifice and torture, the Bloodwatch Knight has evolved into a Executioner of Justice. They travel the world in search of upholding the law with their abilities. They believe that killing another person is a sin, and so to pay for their sins they injure themselves as well. A Bloodwatch Knight is skilled at interrogation, information gathering, and holds himself/herself above the law of any noble or ruler. Bloodwatch Knights are feared by all, as if they see a injustice being done, they make sure that justice is served.

Making a Bloodwatch Knight[edit]

A Bloodwatch Knight has extremely high Hit Points and are skilled front-line fighters. However, they are only trained in using up to medium armors, and no shields. They tend to get along with groups that are lawful, or tend to side with the side of justice as doing otherwise may go against the code of that Bloodwatch Knight. Each Bloodwatch Knight has their own code of justice, but they all follow the common sense rules. They uphold the peace the best they can, without letting injustices happen. They will strike down a noble if they think that it will bring peace to the common people. Or they will strike down the peasants if they believe the noble is in the right.

Abilities: A Bloodwatch Knight uses it's own blood(hit points) to fuel its abilities, so constitution is an extremely important attribute for a Deathwatch Knight. Wisdom and Charisma is also important as they are interrogators and gather information, as they want to make sure that the justice they dish out is correct and they know the full story. As a fighter-type, they tend to have high strength and/or dex to improve their melee or ranged abilities as well.

Races: Any race that bleeds or can feel pain can be a Bloodwatch Knight. Undead, Apparitions, and Constructs cannot.

Alignment: Any Lawful.

Starting Gold: 4d4x10.

Starting Age: As a Fighter.

Table: The Bloodwatch Knight

Hit Die: d20

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st 1 1 1 1 Fighters's Training, Bloodwatch Initiate, Fast Healing, Sense of Justice., Feat: Toughness
2nd 2 1 1 1 Feat: Endurance, Bonus Feat
3rd 3 2 2 2 Bloodwatch Squire
4th 4 2 2 2 Feat: Improved Fast Healing
5th 5 3 3 3 Feat: Diehard, Feat: Toughness
6th 6/1 3 3 3 Bloodwatch Adept, Bonus Feat
7th 7/2 4 4 4 Feat: Persuasive
8th 8/3 4 4 4
9th 9/4 5 5 5 Feat: Greater Fast Healing
10th 10/5 5 5 5 Bloodwatch Knight, Improved Sense of Justice, Bonus Feat
11th 11/6/1 6 6 6 Feat: Toughness
12th 12/7/2 6 6 6
13th 13/8/3 7 7 7
14th 14/9/4 7 7 7 Bloodwatch Inquisitor, Bonus Feat
15th 15/10/5 8 8 8
16th 16/11/6/1 8 8 8 Feat: Improved Toughness
17th 17/12/7/2 9 9 9 Greater Sense of Justice
18th 18/13/8/3 9 9 9 Bonus Feat
19th 19/14/9/4 10 10 10 Feat: Superior Fast Healing
20th 20/15/10/5 10 10 10 Bloodwatch Master, Feat: Improved Toughness

Class Skills (4 + Int modifier per level, ×4 at 1st level)
Skill Points at 1st Level

Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Gather Information (Cha), Handle Animal (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), All Knowledge (Int), Profession (Wis), Ride (Dex), and Sense Motive (Wis), Swim (Str).

Class Features[edit]

Mainly revolving around using their vast supply of Hit Points, the Bloodwatch Knight uses them to augment their attack and defense. All of the following are class features of the Bloodwatch Knight.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Bloodwatch Knights are skilled with all simple, and martial weapons. Bloodwatch Knights are proficient with light and medium armors, but not shields.

Bloodwatch Initiate: A Bloodwatch Initiate knows the basic ways of harnessing their own lifeforce to empower their attacks and defenses. For every 5hp a Deathwatch Knight sacrifices, they gain a +1 to all rolls, AC, and Saves for rounds equal to 1 + half their constitution modifier. At the beginning of using any Bloodwatch Abilities, you must make a Concentration check DC of 10+bloodwatch level+con modifier or the move will drain twice as much HP as you intended with no additional benefits.

Bloodwatch Squire: A Bloodwatch Squire has been taught alternative uses of their abilities, and can now bestow their bonus instead to an ally. Alternatively a Bloodwatch Squire can heal a ally 1 HP per 5 HP they sacrifice.

Bloodwatch Adept: Starting to master their Bloodwatch abilities, a Adept's boost now lasts for 1 + their constitution modifier. They can also heal 2 HP per 5 HP they sacrifice. In addition they can remove any negative status effects on a user at a cost of 10HP a spell level + caster level. Or if it doesn't have a spell level. They lose HP equal to the DC x 5.

Bloodwatch Knight: As a full fledged knight a Bloodwatch Knight is taught how to imbue their weapons and armor with their lifeforce. They can grant a +1 to a weapon or armor per 10 HP they sacrifice, and lasts for 1 hour per constitution modifier the Knight has. This enhancement bonus cannot exceed the +5 maximum for a weapon to have. A Bloodwatch Knight may also add any +1 magcial equipment effect instead of the enhancement bonus and can spend additional HP to increase the +1 to +2 +3 +4 etc. But the weapon may not go over a +5 in bonuses this way. When imbuing stacks of ammo, you enhance 5 Ammo per 10 HP.

Bloodwatch Inquisitor: An Inquisitor has learned to use their enemies blood for their enhancements and abilities. They may draw in the blood and injuries created around them in a 30ft. radius and 25% of the total amount per round can be used by the Inquistor.

Bloodwatch Master: A Bloodwatch Master Now gains a +2 to his boosts per 5 hp, though an allies bonus is still +1. They can now heal 1=1 when using their HP to heal another. Also they gain the Deathwatch spell-like ability always on.

Fighter's Training: Bonuses Feats may be chosen from the Fighter's Bonus Feats List, and the Bloodwatch Knight may take any feat that normally fighters could only get. IE: Weapon Specialization.

Sense of Justice(Basic, Improved, and Greater): A Bloodwatch Knight's Sense of Justice is what drives them to be fair, and harsh. They will permit no injustice to happen. Now what kind of justice is another story. A evil character's version of justice may be revenge for every wrong, and the punishment may be always death even for a petty crime. While a Good Character may be more lenient and only whip or punish them according to the severity of the crime. At the Basic level, if a Bloodwatch Knight Witnesses a Injustice, he/she HAS to do something about it, and gain a +1 to all non-combat rolls pertaining to that situation. Improved is a +3, and Greater is a +5.

Fast Healing: Fast Healing improved the natural healing rate of the Bloodwatch Knight to +5 every 30 minutes, Next is +10 every 30 minutes, then +1 a Round, and Finally +5 a Round.

Ex-Bloodwatch Knights[edit]

While not common, a Bloodwatch Knight who violates their own sense of justice loses all bloodwatch ranks and associated abilities. While they still have their weapon and armor proficiencies, and high hit points due to their training, they are essentially a fighter.

Epic Bloodwatch Knight[edit]

Their progression past level 20 is that of a fighters.

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a Bloodwatch Knight[edit]

Religion: Generally a Deity of Justice, or Balance, though a Evil one may worship one of death, pain, torture, or suffering.

Other Classes: As a self-proclaimed servant of justice, they get along well with Paladins/Ex-Paladins, or any Lawful Character, given that their sense of justice isn't offended.

Combat: A Front-line fighter, or ranged attacker.

Advancement: Generally they are a pure class, however most any class will blend well with this one, given that the class, or character has enough HP to fuel the abilities.

Bloodwatch Knights in the Game[edit]

As a front-line fighter, or ranged attacker, they are to spend a lot of their time dealing out damage. But be sure to watch your Hit Points as you can run out of them quickly while using these abilities.

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