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Blood Rage[edit]

You must have blood every 24 hours
Effect: If your character does not drink blood at least once per day, your character enters blood rage. During this blood rage, you take a -4 to all social skill interactions except intimidate which gets a +4. You must make a Will Save (DC 10 + 1/2 HD) every hour or else you attack the nearest creature until you've killed and consumed the blood of at least one target per hour the rage has persisted or the amount needed to end the rage, whichever is smaller. It takes a full round action to fully drain a dead creature up to two sizes smaller than you, multiply the time by two for each category larger(so a human consuming a halfling takes 2 rounds, an orc takes 4 rounds). For each hour the rage continues, the will save DC increases by +1. Once you are unable to succeed the will save (baring a natural 20), your character falls into an immensely depressive state and will attempt suicide by whatever means necessary.

Blood rage can only be satisfied through drinking blood of the living or recently dead(no more than 8 hours). The blood needed to sate the rage is equal to that found in a creature one size category smaller than the you. It takes two creatures of a smaller size to equal the next size larger. For every hour of blood rage, the character must consume that much again to satisfy the lust. So a human who has raged for 3 hours would have to drink the blood of four halflings or two humans. One small creature as the base, per day requirement, plus one per hour.

The amount of blood left in a creature after death is variable base on whatever your DM decides but here are some general outlines. A creature who died mostly (let's say 75%) from bludgeoning and energy damage still has most of its blood and is valid as its regular size, however if the creature died from piercing and slashing, treat it as one size smaller. The special exception to this is if from a bite attack by the blood raging individual.

Consider the damage done from bite(may be an unarmed attack but you must be doing lethal damage) or blood drain in proportion to the creature's size when determining how much blood was consumed from a living target. If you have both drained and bitten, use the greater percentage. For example, if a vampire with a bit attack drained 1/2 of a large creature's constitution dealing about 1/4 of the creature's health with blood drain and dealt about 1/2 of the creature's health from bite attacks, it would count as having consumed a medium and a small creature.
Benefit: Bonus Feat, or increase your blood drain to deal +1 physical damage per HD.
Roleplaying Ideas: This could be an interesting, if potentially depressing, malady for a good character. Praying that the thirst not overtake him again and resisting as long as able before being compelled to an evil act.

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