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Name: Blood Fever (Ex)
Infection DC: 28(injury, bodily fluid transfer, ingested)
Incubation: 1-2 days to spread throughout the body then incurable
Damage: 2d6 damage to all abilities(Str, Con, Cha, Wis, Int, Dex), Slight Fever, Confusion, Pale skin, Unconsciousness(see details), and eventually to death

Blood Fever is a disease that's spread by blood going from one creature to another or by bodily fluid transfer(if you don't know what Bodily Fluid Transfer is search the Internet). Blood Fever boils the blood which weakens the body and mind of the infected creature and is almost incurable. Blood Fever can only be cured within 1-2 days within getting the disease before it completely spreads because once it completely spreads it's incurable and follows you if you'r brought back from death in any way, but if you are killed by this disease it goes away along with evaporating your blood. revivng a creature that has died along with this diseas will not have this disease when the blood returns to the creatures body. Once the Disease completely spreads it will turn the creatures skin pale, will leave the creature completely confused, will leave the creature unconsicous within 8-10 days, and will kill the creature within 10-15 days or when all of the creatures abilities reach their lowest. Blood fever can spread to all creatures that have blood spreading throughout the body, but will not effect Dragons, Constructs, Demons, Elementals, Plants, and Undead, but must be main race not subtype to be immune to this Disease.

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