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blind hero[edit]

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More information...

a persistante hero who lost sight.

A blind hero looks normal except that he is blind.

Creating a blind hero[edit]

This is a acquired template, hero with strong will can overcome even the lost of sight. To become a blind hero the base creature must loose sight and then spend a time of training dedicated to rehabilitate him, normally a training partner is recommended.

You can play a Blind hero if you want to:- be original.-have a different playing experience.-if u got blinded in a campaign with no healing class.

Remember that this template almost only give malus in term of combat(since the character gets a LA+2 only to be able to fight again), playing a blind hero is mostly a role-playing experience.

Armor Class[edit]

-A blind Hero takes a –2 penalty to Armor Class, loses his Dexterity bonus to AC (if any) against a opponent who succeed a Move Silently check vs a DC=10+The blind hero's listen mod.


-A blind hero moves at 3/4 speed(due to Blind fight). Special: a blind hero can always decide to move at full speed but must succeed a Balance check of 15 DC(if normal terrain), 25 DC(if difficult terrain) or fall prone at the end of his move action.

Special Qualities[edit]

A blind hero gains: -The Scent ability.

-Heroic blind fight: A blind hero's hearing allows him to know every movement and the exact location of any creature who's move silently mod is lower then 1/4 of his listen mod.

-Already blind: Since a blind hero has no sight no creature can gain concealment against it.


-A blind hero gets Appraise -2, Intimidate -2, Open lock -6, Perform -2, Survival -2, -4 Climb, -4 Escape Artist, -2 Hide, -2 Ride, -4 Sleight of Hand, -4 Swim, -2 Temple, -4 Use Rope. -A blind hero gets a instant fail on Disable Device, Spot, Forgery, Decipher Script. -A blind hero gets Listen +10 and no rank cap.


-Remove any feats that require sight.And gain the blind fight feat.


Same as base creature.

Level Adjustment[edit]


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