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Blessed One[edit]

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3e Summary: You are blessed by nature or your god, this is and aquired or inherited template.

The way you can tell a creature with this template is that they either shine with bright colorful rays or have a dark mist around them. They also have above average Charisma.

Creating a Blessed One[edit]

This is a Aquired or Inherited Template that can be added to any thing.

Special Qualities[edit]

If you are good, you shine with rays of colorful bright light. -10 to Hide, -20 to Hide at night or in dark places.

If you are evil, you have a dark mist with dull colors around you. -10 to Diplomacy, -20 to Diplomacy to any good creature.


+4 Charisma


Skills: See Special Qualities

Challenge Rating[edit]

Challenge Rating: +1


Treasure: double

Level Adjustment[edit]


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