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Blade Elves (Zolan)[edit]


At first glance, one might think the Blade Elves are nothing more than bloodthirsty brutes, but after getting to know a Zolan, one may notice that they are actually somewhat intelligent beings with an intense love for sword play. Nearly all Zolan have a fascination with air travel; whether it be on the back of a dragon or in an airship, they will never pass the chance to fly. They have a rare sense of humor for such a warfaring race. Some may consider the Blade Elves insane due to the fact that their usual mounts are raptors, and that they use Hydras for war.

Physical Description[edit]

The Blade Elves, also called the Zolan, are one of the tallest known races of elves, with their average height ranging from 6' to 7'5". The weight of an adult Zolan usually falls between 200 lbs and 800 lbs. Like most elves, they have a slim build and compressed muscles. The Zolan typically have very pale, white skin. Their most common eye colors are red and dark green, while shades of blue, gold, or violet are more rare. Brown or black eyes are almost unheard of. Their hair colors range from dark red to blond.


Blade Elves get along well with most other elves, especially those who share their view on the joy of swordsmanship. They are also close with [race has yet to be made]. However, they can be rather biased when it comes to height; thus, they look down upon halflings, gnomes, and dwarves.


Blade Elves tend to be chaotic creatures; it is rare to find a lawful one. Their alignments on the spectrum of Good and Evil vary depending on their upbringing, though many are Neutral.


Blade Elves usually make their dwellings upon mountains, living in small cities upon cliffsides. They are especially fond of areas in which dragons nest. However, despite preferring mountaintops, they are not very particular; the Zolan can be found many other places, even islands.


The Blade Elves worship their god, Zolong, from which their preferred name, the Zolan, is derived. Zolong is the Blade Elves' god of war, riding, and luck.


All are brought up to speak Elven and Common, though most also learn Draconic.


Male Names: As elves. (most likely starting with a V, X, or Z but not uncommon if it doesn't)

Female Names: As elves.

Racial Traits[edit]

men:+2 str, +4 con, +4 char, +4 int

women:+2 dex, +4 con, +4 char, +4 int

Humanoid (elf)

weapon proficiency with all swords Low-light vision feats:two weapon fighting and ambidextrous

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
175 years + + +

Table: Blade Elf Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 6' " +2d12 100 lb. × × (2d4) lb
Female 5' 9" +2d12 100 lb. × × (2d4) lb

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