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Black Eggs[edit]

The Black Egg is a ninja weapon made from hollowed eggs and powdered glass. The eggs are usually painted black to help the user conceal them. The egg is also painted over many times with a glue-like substance to increase their durability. The Black Egg is used by crushing the shell and blowing the powdered glass into your opponents face. It can also be thrown into your enemies face.

Black Eggs can be made from eggs and a moderately sized piece of glass and a successful Craft (Alchemy) check (DC 25). If the Craft check fails the egg breaks and the glass spills out wasting all the materials.

A Black Egg is treated as an exotic melee weapon with a range of 10 ft or as an exotic thrown weapon with a range of 30 ft. On a successful attack the target and every creature within 5 feet (excluding yourself) must pass a DC 30 reflex save or take 1d6 damage, be stunned for 1 round and be [[SRD:Vision and Light |blinded]] for 2d8+4 rounds. Every round there-after the target takes an additional 1 damage until the blindness subsides or a successful DC 15 Heal check. The heal check also stops the blindness.

Other: Black eggs can never be repaired or reused. Creatures without eyes and undead are not effected by black eggs. Melee attacks made with Black Eggs receive a +4 attack bonus while ranged attacks receive a -2. On a critical hit (natural 20) the damage is not changed but the number of rounds that the target is blinded is changed to 4d8+8 rounds. On a critical fail (natural 1) the glass blows back and you are treated as being automatically hit.

1 Black Egg costs 25gp.

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