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Bishi the Mad[edit]

Symbol: 11
Home Plane: Shadow Plane
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: The mentally insane and bloodlusters
Clergy Alignments: any evil
Domains: Madness, Word, Destruction and Darkness
Favored Weapon: Daggers

Bishi is a completely insane demigod who lusts every drop of blood, scream and any kind of mad torture device. He will oftern use them on himself for pure pleasure alone.


Bishi Almost worships blood and so he wants his followers to make as much of it hit the floor, even if its there own. He encourages slow painful deaths but also like swift artful killings.

There are no temples because they would likely kill each other before they are made and there clergy are a small number of wandering clerics wishing for a much looser mind.

Although there arent any public shrines or temples, there followers usually make there own of of candle and bones or inside of an asylum.

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