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Being of Antilogic[edit]

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Beings of Antilogic are pretty much the epitome of errors in logic, their very existence is a bane to all things real and they might or might not care.

Creating a Being of Antilogic[edit]

 The Lore of Antilogic: 

Chaos and Law, Good and Evil, the opposites of the multiverse are all dominated by deities and beings of semi-divine power, but if all things have their opposite what of all creation's own order and balance? Who rules and what are the laws of the opposite of all opposites, the Realm of Anilogic? An enigmatic being of child-like nature but diving power have begun to manifest in this space beyond, he is known simply as The Jester. He is the Trickster of the multiverse, acting on whim alone he appears in those places and times where the lines of fate have converged, his very presence warping reality because of his anti-material and anti-logical nature, creating hideous, but not always dangerous, mockeries of life and reality which he leaves in his wake seemingly unaware of his own effect. To the deities he is an eternal annoyance, a feared foe, and an innocent equal that, they have discovered to their constination, cannot be quelled. So to his plane of antilogic divinely dubbed The Jester's Playground, they banish these mockeries.


Beings of Antilogic are creatures native to the Jester's Playground, the Realm of Antilogic, either through birth or because they have been transformed into such by the Jester's influence. Every time the Jester appears all living creatures within a 1d100 +20ft radius have a 10% chance of gaining the Being of Antilogic Template (or DM could just decide) or becoming Spellwarped. All inanimate objects have a %5 chance of becoming animate and gaining the Being of Antilogic Template, they have a 50% chance of being animated hostile to the players. All corpses have a 15% chance of being animated or which there is a 7% chance that these undead maintain their independence and intellect, and a 1%chance of being ressurected as the True ressurection spell. Once ressurected roll to see if they too are Beings of Antilogic or spellwarped.

Being of Anitilogic is an acquired/inherited template that can be added to any living or non-living creature with intelligence 5 or higher.

(NOTE: All lore pertaining to the Jester, the Realm of Anitilogic and this template are DM tools meant to add fun or a level of insanity to your game. They can be applied once-off or continuously as the DM sees fit. If you don't feel like rolling % dice continuously then just wing-it. Due to the obscure nature of The Jester he can be applied to unbreak otherwise broken games or revive entire parties on a whim. Use as needed. Anything is possable around him... P.S. Antilogic Bonuses are considered divine bonuses. For alignment purposes they are considered Neutral)

Size and Type[edit]

no size change, type changes to outsider(chaotic).

Hit Dice[edit]

+2 to previous HD


As base creature.

Armor Class[edit]

+1d4 Antilogic bonus to armor class (this bonus is rolled once only when the Template is given and is retained for touch and flat-footed AC)


Base creature retains the ability to use manufactured and natural weapons. If the base creature has more than one natural attack it gains a +2 Antilogic bonus to all attack with the secondary set of natural attacks. All Anitilogic creatures must roll a d% before their attack round to determin if they will attack that round. they have a 50% chance of attacking or a 50% chance of doing something mundane or illogical.

Full Attack[edit]

All full attacks gain a +1d6 Antilogic bonus to damage rolls.

Special Attacks[edit]

Base creatures gain the following: Antilogic blaze(Su): creature may sacrifice 3d6+5 hitpoints to create a fire that acts as a rift to the Realm of Antilogic for 2d6+3 rounds (treat the rift as a gate spell to the Non-Existent Realm of Antilogic) Antilogic sight(Ex): creature gains the ability to see where and when the plane they are on will be overlapped by the Realm of Antilogic.

Special Qualities[edit]

Beings of antilogic maintain all of the base creatures special Qualities and gain the following: Blindsense 30ft Low-light vision.


The base creature's ability scores change as follows: Wis -4, +2 to three abilities, Roll 1d6 to determin which.


The base creature gains a +5 Antilogic bonus to gather information and intimidate checks.


Beings of Antilogic live in the Nonexistant Realm of Antilogic



Challenge Rating[edit]

Base creatures CR+3


double standard in items


any Chaotic


By character class

Level Adjustment[edit]


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