Beastial Instinct (3.5e Flaw)

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Scales.png This page is of questionable balance. Reason: This flaw is essentially a free feat for Monks and melee-wildshaping Druids. While any flaw can be gamed, and I believe that to be a problem inherent with UA's guidelines for flaws, this one is especially so because it literally has no effect on those two types of characters outside of being beneficial.

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Beastial Instinct [General][edit]

You prefer to engage your foes close enough to smell their blood.
Effect: You suffer a -2 penalty to hit while using anything other than natural weapons or unarmed strikes.
Special: Like all flaws, DMs should restrict this one to characters for which it would actually be a flaw on a fundamental level. Most Monks and shapeshifting Druids, for example, would suffer no real ill-effect by taking this flaw. A Fighter or Rogue, however, would, even if they took Improved Unarmed Strike and dedicated their entire character around the concept. Unlike the aforementioned classes, such characters would be giving up a noteworthy aspect of their abilities, thus making it an actual flaw for them.

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