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Scales.png This page is of questionable balance. Reason: Flavor seems to indicate that this is meant to illustrate a character who is easily swayed by dark desires and impulses due to his tainted blood/essence/soul/inner-goop, but as written, it means the Tiefling has a much higher chance of taken full damage from evil spellcasters casting Unholy Blight and highly likely to fail saves against Blasphemy, both of which seem silly, given the flawed character's already existing affinity to evil, flavor-wise.

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Bad Seed[edit]

It's hard to be good when you're tainted by evil.
Effect: You take a -6 penalty on Will or Charisma checks against any creature with the Evil subtype.
Roleplaying Ideas: The most obvious application of this flaw would be to a half-fiend or tiefling meeting up with a devil or demon. Maybe the evil creature in question is slowly perverting the character to evil for their own ends and uses their fiendish heritage to manipulate them. Expect the character to either be a tortured soul trying desperately to resist their darker impulses or all too willing to go over to the dark side because it's "easier that way".

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