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Avanon Zelenk[edit]

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Titles: The Slaughter, The Lost God, The Banished King

Symbol: Three Severed elven heads on pikes; the first grimacing with anger of a foe defeated, the second smiling with gallows laughter, and the third weeping in sorrow of a life cut short.

Spheres of Influence: The Banished King while not political in nature often has Heavy ties to Royalty, Church officials, Generals, even Kings. As they like himself, ruthlessly crave power.

Dominion: War, Evil, Chaos, Blood, Fire, Death, Destruction, Undead, ans Slaughter.

Avatar: Tall and muscular Avanon Zelenk is the embodiment of the Ancient Elven military might. He wears Elven chain caked with the blood of his enemies. While proficient with all weapons associated with his race and a variety of fighting styles, he prefers using a Helix Sword (A greatsword with two blades wrapped around each other in a helix fashion.) His face is an enigma as he always wears the Mask of the Dying.


Ancient elven clans still worship this Avanon Zelenk in secret, even tho he was sealed away long ago by other the gods (Hextor, Heironious, Pelor, Wee Jas, and Bahamut among others) for his senseless and unquenchable blood thirst. Elven Warpriests of this secretive cult dawn his Mask of the Undying in war times. His worshippers view him as a necessary evil to thwart those who would disrupt their otherwise peaceful culture.

Cleric Training[edit]

Warpriests of Avanon Zelenk are members of a secret society to bring peace to elven nation thru any means necessary. The Society selects it's new members thru an unknown process but it is said that many kings have sat in council with the society.


  • Leave none that will thwart you.
  • Destroy all that condemn you.
  • Let death be the punishment for your enemies.
  • Pity is weakness.
  • Revel in combat and seek the killing stroke.
  • Death is but a door. Time is but a window. I shall return.


"May the blood run free." ~ Traditional well wishing.

"Death! Death! Death! Death!" ~ War chant.


Temples to Avanon Zelenk often exist in deep forests were wild animals are said to be at constant war. There are rumors that they exist in cities or even far beneath the castle of the elf king himself. While no details can be obtained on the rites and rituals of this cult scholars theorize that if such a cult exists it is likely more of a war room of sorts than a traditional temple.


Bathing in the blood of a slaughtered foe, consuming of ones hated enemies and the crafting of weapones and armor from their bodies. (Many priests carry bone hilted daggers said to be a rite of passage for associates.


Search for the Banished King or Quest for the Lost God: The followers of Avanon Zelenk believe that the god is imprisoned somewhere in the mortal realm and can be released. In war time many have gone in search of the Lost God in order to gain the advantage in battle.

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