Aura of Silence (Grim Alteration)

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[[3e Summary:: The grim radiates an aura of that suppresses sound.]]

Aura of Silence

The world fell unnaturally silent. The dripping of the water along the tunnel faded out of the world. Even the sound of our own breathing vanished.

Prerequisite: [[3e Prerequisite::Move Silently 10 ranks.]]
Description: The grim's Aura of Unease softens sound within it. Anyone who makes a Move Silently check within the Aura of Unease does so with a +5 circumstance bonus. If the silently moving creature exits the Aura of Silence, the bonus is lost. The grim ignores this bonus when applied to others.
Special: This feature of the the grim's Aura of Unease can be suppressed at will.

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