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Aura of Protection [General][edit]


You have been sincerely blessed, for as long as you can remember, you have felt protected by an unseen force. Your god has placed you under direct protection, making you harder to attack directly, and the effect of this protection seems to grow as you become more and more pious, and as you grow in experience. This protection is caused not by a visible field, nor is it some wall of force, but rather it is an invisible and incorporeal protection granted by a god, which seems to emanate from within.


You must reverently worship a LIVING, good aligned, god; and you must have access to at least one domain ability from any source.


Due to your exalted blessing you always gain a divine bonus to AC, based on your Base Attack Bonus as follows:

Base Attack Bonus Divine Bonus to AC
+0 to +4 +2
+5 to +9 +3
+10 to +14 +4
+15 to +19 +5
+20 and up +6

The divine bonus to AC is not a dodge bonus, but a miscellaneous bonus to your AC, to be added as any other bonus to AC (i.e. natural armor bonus or deflection bonuses).

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