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Aura Cat Tiny Fey HD: 1d4 (3) init: +5 speed: 30ft. ac: 27 touch: 17 flat: 20 Base Atack/GHraple: +o, -2 speacial qualaties: show aura fort:0 ref:5 will:2 str:5 dex:20 con:10 int:15 wis:14 cha:20 envirorment:any organasation:one CR:1 Alignment:LG

A small cat apears out of now where and slowly walks towards you. when he rubs up against you it changes collor...

The aura cat is a small cat that shows your alignment when it rubs up against you. Although it will not attack even if forced to by magic, it is strongly protected

Speacial qualities Show alignment:When the Aura Cat rubs aginst you its fur changes collordetermend by your alignmeant.

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