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Astral Pact[edit]

Heaven tremble and a wave moves through the Astral Sea as a forgotten power is awakened.

Level: 5 Component Cost: 100 gp
Category: Creation Market Price: 2500 gp
Time: 10 hours Key Skill: Arcana
Duration: Permanent, or until Pact broken.

Only a warlock can use this ritual. It acts as a Pact. Astral Destruction: you gain astral destruction as an at-will ability. Ultimate Cursed Blessing: You have the Ultimate Cursed Blessing Pact Boon. You glow with a bright light and the power seems limitless. When an enemy under Warlock's curse is reduced to 0 hit points or fewer, a burst of 10 squares from you all enemies take -2 to hit and, -2 to all defenses for the rest of the encounter.(Will save vs. Charisma.) All allies in this burst gain +2 to hit and, +2 to all defenses for the rest of the encounter.

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