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The Aspect of Isis is a +3 Adamantine Throwing Glaive of Brilliant Energy

The Aspect of Isis is a creation of the Aesirean Goddess, Isis, in an attempt to ensure her children's safety while she slept. Legend has it that as the goddess succumbed to the slumber that plagues all Aesir, she wept, because the children and her followers would no longer be under her protection amidst the desert and grasslands she had created for them. As her tears flowed, they would begin to crystallize, and she shaped them into twelve unique glaives. She gave the glaives to her daughter, and asked that she equip her 12 most trusted warriors and advisers with the formidable artifacts, ensuring that no matter what would come to pass, the Aspects of the Goddess, herself, would assist in protecting the empire... at least until she reawakened.

The polearm is a brilliant pale green, almost jade-like in appearance, while the blade appears as a holy white sheen atop the shaft. While this may give the appearance that the item is made of two separate materials, it is not; It is a solid piece, all the way through. The shaft takes the shape of a serpent's tail, wrapped in scales that aid the user in gripping, allowing them to strike and wound more accurately, while the weapon itself draws from the power of the goddess' wish, shining and remarkably lightweight when in defense of the empire and its Empress.

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