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Akaneia Campaign Setting
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Portrait ashera fe10.png

Alignment. Lawful Neutral
Domains. Law, Light
Divine Rank. Greater Deity

Ashera is neither kind nor loving to the beings of this world. Neither is she holy nor base, angel nor devil. She is...restriction. Order. Stability. Past. Certainty. Restraint. She is Ashera.

In the Akaneia setting, Ashera is the Goddess of Order and the patron deity of the continent of Tellius. Originally one half of the Goddess of Dawn, Ashunera, she was formed when Ashunera split her emotions from herself; these emotions took the form of Yune, the Goddess of Chaos and Ashera's counterpart.

Ashera was originally Ashunera, the Goddess of Dawn, and is the form taken by Ashunera in the aftermath of the Tellius' Great Flood; on the advice of her adviser and companion Lehran, Ashunera cast away her emotions entirely, which took the form of the chaos goddess Yune, while Ashunera herself thus became Ashera. Ashera wished to destroy Yune entirely to erase her own chaos, but on Lehran's advice she consented to have Yune imprisoned in a medallion, although even this slowly drove Ashera toward being cold and unfeeling.

Lehran again tried to appeal to Ashera to restore Yune to herself, again without success. Instead, Ashera arranged a covenant with Lehran and the mortal heads of state Altina, Soan, and Dheginsea: she and Yune would enter a deep sleep for one thousand years, and if upon awakening the beorc and laguz had built a lasting peace and put an end to war, the two would reunite into Ashunera; however, if they failed to do so, she would rain divine retribution for the people's sins upon them. She also granted them the right to awaken the goddesses prematurely if they succeeded or failed sooner than the thousand-year mark. With this covenant agreed to by the four representatives of the laguz and beorc, Ashera thus entered her long sleep within the peak of the Tower of Guidance.

In the years since her descent into sleep, Ashera displaced her original form as the guardian of Tellius in the eyes of its people, and came to be worshipped as a kind and loving goddess by the people of Begnion and other lands, with awareness of her true nature as being entirely cold and calculating becoming obfuscated. The Begnion ruling family also came to be comprised of the "apostles", descendants of Altina and (unknowingly) Lehran gifted with the ability to hear Ashera's voice as she slept, or so the empire's mythology claims; it is uncertain how true this actually was, as Micaiah - the most recent known descendant - instead heard Yune's voice throughout much of her life.

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