Arrow of Gold (Temple Supplement)

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An Arrow of Gold is a +3 arrow with an unusual characteristic; the shaft, feathers, and head are all pure gold. When shot from a bow, the arrow is a +3 to hit, and, on a unmodified roll of 20, and if the creature or person fails their saving throw vs Petrification, then the arrow will pierce the skin of the creature and will instantly turn that creature into a golden statue of the creature. The creature turned to gold is automatically killed and defeated, and can now be sold for a lot of money. This only happens if the unmodified roll equals a 20. If you don't get a unmodified roll of 20, but you still hit, ex: a 16 total, then it does normal arrow damage of 1d6 plus 3 for the magical properties. Once the arrow is used, whether it hits or misses, the arrow disintegrates into dust. This magical item cannot be bought at any store around the world of Temple. It is rumored that 1 can be found at the Pit of Lost Treasures. There is rumored to be only 20 in existence. The other 19 are scattered and hidden throught the Realm of Temple. If you decided to sell this arrow, (for what reason would you ever sell one?), then it will sell for 50,000 gold pieces. Also, there is ABSOLUTELY no possible way to create this item. (and if you do create one, you better have a damn good reason to explain to the Gods how you made it, and why you need this arrow).

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