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Touched by the Fae's Madness, the Aries began their genocidal expansion on the realm that lasted millennia until they lost themselves completely and killed each other. --Archives

Physical Description[edit]


The Aries are tall horned beast folk with the heads of goats. Large horns of many shapes and spirals adorn the heads of many tribespeoples and are used to lock horns with many monsters of the area. Large and stout, they provide a dangerous image to all those that would attack them. Although they look similar to the herbivorous namesake they are anything but. On their hands are thick fingers with sharp enough to draw blood. Their teeth are fanged, multirowed like a shark and curve inwards to better grasp their food. A short thick tongue makes sure all food is gotten. Thin slanted eyes peer under furrowed brows aggressively. Extremely muscled, each body part is similar to a coiled viper -tight and ready to spring at the slightest danger. And their hooves thick and shark make sure anybody foolish enough to annoy them regret it greatly. Their hides are their source of pride and to insult one of the many greatly colored coats will earn the ire of them all.


Many eons ago, a tribe of wandering Satyrs drank from a pool to replenish their energy. Unbeknownst to them, the pool was the condensation the fairies' purest magic. During the 10,000 Night of Festivity, the fairies would pool their magic under the opalescent twin moons and perform wonders and delights no mortal would ever see and would forget the day after as if under a spell. The Satyrs drank deep into the ill-omened waters and were given power beyond themselves. Assailed by hallucinations and mad visions, they transformed into beasts of magic. It would be 500 years after this event that an immense invasion by these new beings spread across the realm. Devouring countless beasts, and massacring ever more they soon became known as the Aries from their monstrous visage of a goat and aggression rivaling the god of war.

Ironically, in the end, it was not brave heroes that destroyed them, but their own lunacy. After almost 10,000 years, the twin moons rose again and in a night the Empire of the Aries destroyed itself having its citizens feast on one another. The survivors hid away having been ironically purified by the moons. To this day, ancient relics still remain -abandoned from the world and here it is where the remnants of the titanic empire live.


Today, the tribes of the Aries are less aggressive than their ancestors although their mutations still remain as potent if not more so. Each tribe is run by a Matriarch and her advising Elders. They are guarded by the champions and warriors that are led by the Warlord. Each tribe has around 10,000 tribe members that farm craft or hunt for the village.

Aries Names[edit]

The names of the original Aries were the names taken from the Satyrs, but as time past the name became harsh and stressed similar to the languages spoken by the orcs and giants. There rarely are gender differences in names since they are meant to be casual, and are thus rarely cared about.

Male: Morgrush, Tragom, Eizshtk, Volicht

Female: Quelct, Drovarhd, Wefgaarc, Rihi

Aries Traits[edit]

Originally warlike goat people, they are now content to simply hunt and live out their lives.
Ability Score Increase. Increase your Dexterity by 2 and Constitution by 1
Age. Your kind lives to be about 180 years due to the various mutations and energy throughout your body.
Alignment. Years of living in the wild have rendered the Aries as a Chaotic faction.
Size. Medium standing from anywhere from 5 to 7 feet.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 35 feet.
Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Fae's Mutation. Due to your ancestors drinking the Fae's Madness, you gain special powers. (Refer to the subraces for the extra effects) Choose one damage type and refer to the related damage type in the subclass section. You are now resistant to that damage type and can choose to deal an extra d4 of that damage type per attack. Your subclass effects can be activated at a natural roll of 17 or higher at level 10, and at level 19, this becomes 16.
Charge. You can expend your action to make a charge directly after moving at least 10 feet in a straight line. You must end your action within 5 feet of an enemy. The target must make a Dexterity saving throw of 8+strength+proficiency to dodge or take 1d4 bludgeoning damage for every 10 feet you charged in a continuous straight line and be knocked prone.
Goat's Physiology. You do not sleep and cannot be magically put into one.
Languages. Common, Sylvan
Subrace. In total? 13 bases on damage type of Fae's Mutation


Your fur takes on a dull gray tone and weaves together to form thick woven structures to divert blades.

Fae's Mutation(Slash). When you roll a natural 18 or above on an melee attack roll, the target bleeds for the 1d4 slashing damage unless they pass a Constitution saving throw of 8+strength/dexterity+proficiency(whichever ability score was used to make the blow), use an action to bandage the wound, or heal the original 1d4 slashing damage that caused the bleeding. The bleeding effect stacks.


Your fur is a fine chocolate brown, with a thick and fluffy texture. Your fur spreads the impact of blows and looks luxurious.

Fae's Mutation(Bludgeoning). When you roll a natural 18 or above on your attack roll, a Large or smaller creature must make a Strength saving throw of 8+strength+proficiency or be knocked prone. At level 6, 11, and 16 the DC increases by 1.


With a silver glimmer, your fur flattens itself on the contours of your body leaving little to the imagination. With the side benefit of forcing weapon points away from you either by deflection or curvature.

Fae's Mutation(Piercing). When you roll a natural 18 or above, you may attack again. This does not count against your total number of attacks per turn. This extra attack does not benefit from this trait.


Your blood red fur undulates with the passion and heat of the flames and won't get singed to boot.

Fae's Mutation(Fire). If you roll a natural 18 or above, your opponent must pass a Constitution saving throw of 8+wisdom+proficiency or be set on fire. At the beginning of their turn, they take 1d8 fire damage until an action or another medthod is used to put out the fire. This does not stack.


White as freshly fallen snow, your thick layer of fur is ice cold to the touch and has the wonderful effect of keeping water from getting your fur soggy.

Fae's Mutation(Cold). Whenever you roll a natural 18 or above with this trait, your target must pass a Constitution saving throw of 8+wisdom+proficiency or have their movement speed halved(rounded up) and they lose their reaction. On a critical, your enemy must pass a Constitution saving throw of 8+wisdom+proficiency or they lose their bonus action and have their movement speed reduced to 0.


Bright blue as the summer skies, your hide sticks out with tiny arcs of electricity creating a small lightshow.

Fae's Mutation(Lightning). When you roll a natural 18 or above, your target must pass a Constitution saving throw of 8+wisdom+proficiency or be paralyzed until the end of their next turn.


Your wool is the color of soft moss and bright vegetation to help you ambush and poison your prey.

Fae's Mutation(Poison). When you roll a natural 18 or above, your target must pass a Constitution saving throw of 8+constitution+proficiency or take 1d6 poison damage at the end of their turn until they pass. After failing 3 times, they gain the poisoned condition for 1 hour.


Your bright purple pelt releases a similar colored energy that corrodes almost everything it touches.

Fae's Mutation(Acid). On a natural 18 or above, your opponent must pass a Dexterity save of 8+constitution+proficiency to take half the 1d8 acid damage. If they fail the save, their AC is also reduced by 1.


Your sleek golden coat is both silky and elegant, moving to an unfelt wind. It cloaks, but not fully, the hidden power that lies within.

Fae's Mutation(Radiant). When you roll a natural 18 or above, your enemy must make a Dexterity or Constitution saving throw of 8+charisma+proficiency or be blinded for 1 turn.


Pitch black, they are feared even by their own kin.

Fae's Mutation(Necrotic). When you roll a natural 18 or above using this trait, you force all enemy creatures within 30ft of you to make a wisdom save of 8+charisma+proficiency or be frightened.


Brightly orange, they draw the eye just like their powers draw attention.

Fae's Mutation(Thunder). On a natural 18 or above, your enemy must pass a Constitution or Dexterity save of 8+Wisdom+Proficiency or be deafened and have disadvantage on their next attack action.


Blue as the depths of an ocean, they are heavily guarded by their kin and interact most comfortably with their Necrotic cousins.

Fae's Mutation(Psychic). When you roll a natural 18 or above, you may cause a creature within 30 feet to have disadvantage on their next roll.


Even more affected by its bloodline compared to its brethren, its fur undergoes a bewildering cascade of hues of every conceivable variation and pattern each second.

Fae's Mutation(Force). When you roll a natural 18 or above, the creature you are attacking must pass a Strength strength save of 8+Charisma+Proficiency or be knocked back 15 feet and stunned.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

4′ 8″ +4d8 85 lb. × (2d6) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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