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You have an obsession with ancient artifacts and relics, both magical and mundane

Prerequisite: Intelligence 15 or Wisdom 15

Effect: The character is obsessed with ancient artifacts and major relics of all types. When encountering such an item, the character must succeed at a will save (DC 10 + half character's ECL + the item's ego score) or become fascinated by the object for 1d4 rounds. If the item is for sale, then the character will attempt to purchase it. If he can't afford it, he will attempt to negotiate for a lower price or barter. If the character feels that the item is owned by one who will not give it its due respect (nor would willingly sell it to the character) the character will often attempt to acquire the object by other means.
Such a character put into any situation where they will knowingly destroy such items must make a will save (DC 10 + half character's ECL + the item's ego score + Modifiers from list below) or be unable to go through with the act themselves ("I'm sorry Sam I can't do it, I can't throw the ring in. I won't...") and sometimes will be unable to control themselves enough not to stop their friends from doing what they could not (will save at DM's Discretion). Either way, should the character witness, cause, allow to be caused, or find out that any such item has been destroyed they take a moral penalty to all actions for the next 1d6+1 days, equal to half the character's ECL, will save DC20 for half, as they mourn the loss of a bit of history.

-4 per level of difference in alignment [LG to CE, -16 Law > -4 Neutral > -4 Chaos , Good > -4 Neutral > -4 Evil]
-20 for having caused some catastrophe in the past the character is inclined not to see happen again
-1 Cumulative hit points of damage the Character has received as a result of the item
-5 cumulative for every friend or ally the item has caused the death of
+10 if possession of this item intact would allow the character to achieve some private goal, increased to +20 if the task is impossible without the item
+5 for every friend or ally who has been revived by the item

If the item is in the possession of an enemy, then the player fixates on that opponent exclusively, ignoring all other combatants until the opponent dies or the player is able to take the object in question.

Benefit: You gain one extra feat

Roleplaying Ideas: You are either a patron of the arts, benefactor of a major Archeological institution, or collector of antiquities yourself. You probably enjoy visiting museums a lot, either to enjoy the displays... or to plot adding them to your own private collection.

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